Saturday, July 19

Oh, I got answers

Friday's Google Search winner: my baby got sunburned what can i do to make her feel better, google?

I'll field this one, Google, you go take a break.

Alright what you do is, how old is the baby? Well unless we're talking about a small dog (and you're crazy) we'll say this is a
real baby which would logically age this sunburned wonder to less than 12 months old. Average that at 6 months for the sake of being fair and not knowing really what the hell you're talking about.. and you BURNED YOUR CHILD?? What kind of person doesn't put adequate sunscreen on their newborn?? Their skin is like kindling! And you just left her in the sun like to turn into a California raisin? Are you high? First of all, I'll recommend some Ombrelle 45spf in the future - HOWEVER for now to make her feel better I say a punch of Tylenol and a glass of wine. Alright maybe not a glass of wine.... uhhh, aloe vera, some crazy awesome moisturizer, nice cool soft clothes and stop rubbing anything on her with your grubby warm hands. That probably doesn't feel good. Stick your hands in some ice first or whatever.


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