Monday, July 7

Parents will pay anything if we tell them other daycares are cancer causing

Google's Daycare Debacle.

Of course when I read this I couldn't believe what they were doing; hiking employee daycare costs up 68% and suddenly people who were supposed to be benefiting from using daycare at Google, are now paying more than usual. If you read it, they aren't even adding any new "teachers" for their ratio, and also I just don't see why teachers specifically are called for on a play-based curriculum. Especially with infants and toddlers. WHAT? right. I know this is a personal issue here for me and there might be a whole bunch of retarded reasons for doing this, but I would love to be in the meeting where they came up with those numbers. $2400 a month for an infant? That is an entire $50,000 salary for someone, on one child alone? Their old ratio numbers say that one person can care for two of these infants, two $50,000 salaries, and now their adding more kids but no more teachers. That seems.. double unreasonable. Lord help you if you have *gasp* 2 kids! That is about $75 a day per kid, and I happen to know anything CLOSE to a reasonable daily child rate would stop at the highest $50 mark. Hell, even Montessori daycare and pre-pre-schools are $10,000 a half semester.. and technically THAT'S CHEAPER. If you ask me, I think this space race to the smartest kid in the room is getting a little out of hand since these children are basically still drooling on themselves. I wonder sometimes about those kinds of parents and how bad their childhoods must have been, or how much their parents must have worked and neglected them if they have so much parent guilt already. Kids don't need to be in school before their in school! Why can't they be just kids for a certain portion of their lives? Even more I wonder, back to this Google ridiculousness.. didn't they used to advertise this to be a benifit to work there? And if you DID pay their unbelievable NEW pricing*...

What would you, as a parent, be working for at that point? And to those daycare providers, well, who are you really helping?

Plus a new $250 waiting list fee, to show you're interested... even though they site the main reason in doing all of this to be due to an 'abundance in numbers of kids' ...but they still aren't sure if you're interested. Even if you're already enrolled, you might not be interested, so you have to pay an extra $225. The fee used to be $25 but for $25.. how interested could you be? Not enough apparently!


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