Friday, August 29

Long Weekend

{Mad Men - Episode 10: Long Weekend}

2008 has been a pretty interesting summer, with all the heat, rain, hail and whatnot of the suburban apocalypse. I'm glad the last weekend is a LONG weekend since it's basically full of stuff to do; the annual Family Picnic, Georgetown BBQ hopefully, fun at the EX, and a mildly fun wedding meeting - depending on how much wine they serve ;)

Tonight Sean and I have a date with Whole Foods after work to do a little shopping and pick up my ring at Knar. So far I love shopping at Whole Foods and have decided I will miss it if we do buy another house somewhere else. When my Dad came with us he bought a lot of stuff, even a $25 T-Bone steak! If I had not mentioned he is a vegetarian, but mainly for animal treatment reasons. His review is, for the money, it's a twice a year thing lol .. but he enjoyed it so I was happy about that. I'm glad I could introduce him to a store that he has a lot more choice in what he can have. As for myself, after using the Henna shampoo I have to say it is really shiny - even Sean says so - apparently he'd been using it too! The only thing I don't love that we've bought so far is the Vega smoothie mix.. it's really not that great tasting although you feel great. I've been using it this week to stave off a cold that is trying to latch on to me. I'd just stick to the powder and bars for all my healthy needs.

Just thought I'd finish up my product reviews there. Hey, I'm here to help if I can.

I was thinking about how sad I'd be when summer ended, but really as much as I do love summer and the sun and all that warm goodness... for me the time of year I feel best at, for some reason, has always been fall. The start of a season, nomatter which, is always my favourite day.
I thought about this yesterday which was rather cool and figured maybe what I enjoy are the sweaters or the bright colours, or start of school - but whatever the reason I inately just feel good inside when it's fall. I almost can't wait for that day. Brooke noticed on our walk that despite the sun, the trees were already turning colours. I suppose it's the only reason the end of summer doesn't make me all that sad - there's always something better to look forward to.

On that note, enjoy the long weekend everyone. Stay out of trouble!

Wednesday, August 27

Pimento Memento

I got my MOO card order back and I have to say, very cute! I dig it. I made a card about how much I dig it. Would you like it? Go ahead and right click save it.. as a memento. MOO cards for everybody!

Ever notice how memento is spelled less like it's derived from the word moment, which is what my brain assumes, and more like pimento? As in I kept this memento from that moment we spent together, stabbing junkies.

Oh goodness, I hope this memento knife doesn't contain AIDS

And as much as I like mementos or pimento's I simply had no idea how much I'd have to think about their spelling since nobody ever uses them. I almost feel bad for words like that, and try to use them more. This is unrelated to my new use of the word fabulous by the way, since a lot of people say fabulous .. probably whilst standing around in some club shaped like a block of cheddar cheese being far more hip than I could ever be. The word fabulous really does not need any help from me.

Anyway back to the subject: I'd definitely recommend MOO cards to anyone in need of business-y fun. You can make all your cards look different if you want, which is great since I know would get bored of the same thing over and over. Maybe if you were a huge business like JetBlue? Sure I guess they can be considered a big company. Ok so if you're someone like that, this probably wouldn't be for you. They do non-business-y fun, too, like post cards and sticker books. Maybe I'll order our gift thank you notes from MOO! And seal them with a photo sticker of the top 20 drunk faces at the wedding. If only someone would encourage me when I come up with these ideas! lol.

On a totally unrelated topic, I've been making things with a lot of zucchini recently since my grandma brought over a bunch of huge ones from my aunt's garden. I'm not a lifelong fan of zucchini actually, I find it bland mushy and gross, but now I'm older I suppose I don't mind it if it's cooked a certain way. That way being A) sliced thin and grilled with olive oil. B) chopped like shoestring fries and stir fried with onions and garlic. or C) cooked that way and then thrown in pasta sauce. My point is, though I cook with it, I can't possibly cook three giant zucchini's worth of it before it goes bad... until my Dad gave me some of those Debbie Meyer green bags.

Unfortunately I feellike I must tell someone that they really do work. My zucchini's are as fresh as when I got them 3 fucking weeks ago. That also includes at one point Sean slicing an entire one up, realizing it wasn't eggplant, and having to put them back in the bag. I dunno, I guess his retina's were damaged from the Kenny Rogers Chicken sign we use as a nightlight in the bathroom. lol. Anyhow, it's a slow, slow pace but now I have the bags I'm sure Obama will be president before these things go bad! Honestly every week I throw out so much shit it's disgusting.. we just don't eat it fast enough. If you click on the Debbie Meyer link there, the Black and White video of the person opening their drawer to all rotten veggies is me... complete with that wahh wahh sound. I don't know where it comes from, but I hear it. Plus lettuce and bananas are basically the things we buy the most, which I'm convinced are the two most rapidly aging foods, and it's basically a race against the clock to eat them. So if you also have this problem just go ahead and buy these bags. According to my Dad he's used them many more times then their recommended 10 uses and it's just as effective. Oh but be careful when you order apparently, my Dad also said he ended up with too many because the website doesn't let you go back and change your order!

Debbie, why you gotta be like that?

Tuesday, August 26

My last post was NOT entertaining. Sorry!

If that offended you...

Math Problem

I was giving out info on some accommodations to over-night guests to the wedding and it was getting so frustrating I commented it's "like a math problem" !!
X person wants to stay somewhere both close and cheap. At first impression it sounds as if proximity is the priority so I find a page of hotels that list their cost and proximity to the wedding reception. That website alone really should have ended the problem, for me, since it had all the information you'd need. Somehow the closest choice was too expensive so I offer my very first suggestion, a second time, that you just go with the cheapest hotel since the distance is less than 4km away. In the end, they looked up the location (which was on the invitation) and found their own Bed & breakfast close by AND cheaper than either hotel.

Then I get asked.. but do you think I should go with the first one?

I DON'T KNOW?? Is this a math problem, or social engineering? Please, take pity on me, I don't understand the question! lol.

Ironically I ran into the same kind of thing again later on today. I was going through some orders, seeing what I need and what I ordered because the store ladies were really nice.. and then canceling the latter. Of course, it all seemed like a math problem.

man figuring out tax on this thing stinks its either 13 or 14 percent but either of those worked out more than the total here she gave for tax for the confetti the lady charged me 146.10 before tax 18.99 tax doesn't work out to 13 or 14 percent

that would be 13 percent

if you multiply 146.10 by 1.13 its 165.09

yes 18.99 in tax

but her total here is 155.09 obviously she made a mistake

she charged you 8.99 tax instead of 18.99

hmm well that would make my ring pillow that i wanted to take off my order 21.40 instead of 31.40 what to do.. what to do..

it's too confusing cancel the wedding

Luckily I don't consider that a viable solution - LOL! Logically though I suppose it makes the most sense since it would solve deciding on pillows right now.. and that would be fabulous. I've decided I'm going to start saying fabulous a lot more since that is basically all I hear from Toopy and Binoo, and that means little children are going to grow up saying it and I'll stay relivant - or gay - for years longer than normal. Did I mention micro-managing drives me insane? Pretty sure I have at least one or eight times.

My solution for the day.. whoopdity doo who friggin' cares! :)

Tuesday, August 19

Mahjong too long

When I want to write something, usually I just write one thing..


And that's basically it. Obviously I have to think of more words to explain what I mean and that's where I lose the desire to continue. I have absolutely no point here, just saying it would be super if I didn't have to .. you know.. say stuff.

On that note, my cable box "took a nap" for 2 days so it's been pretty Amish at my house until today. Ironically I got a lot of housework done - ick. If they didn't fix it today I'm sure I would have started trying to make my own candles and soap. Instead, everything is clean and I am now the Mahjong Tile Master. Don't even fuckin' try me, I will tile the hell out of you! I even drink tea when I play! But you know you've played too much Mahjong Titans when you start thinking of the layouts (Dragon, Spider, Cat, Turtle etc) in mythical terms for devising a winning attack strategy. Like if I were playing the Spider layout, I would assume the best strategy to win is the way the ancient Chinese (I can only assume they invented the game and therefore this is how I am supposed to win) would destroy a Spider.. by trying to remove the tiles at the venom fang area, or remove it's legs. As for the Dragon, you'd gut his eyes out and attack the teeth... orrrr so I'd assume if they existed. Yep and that's the point when everyone should stop playing Mahjong.

All the wedding stuff is going good, got a lot done with my ladies on Tuesday, and then we had lunch. I only have to mention ONE slight out of body experience of someone telling me flowers will cost $800 and me not running screaming out of there. So.. so wrong. Sean and I are extremely upset we won't be able to at least donate the flowers afterwards or anything, but on the (faint) plus side I'm apparently the only bride ever who actually is going to be throwing her real bouquet in the crowd. I guess people get another one to throw and one to keep.. but I'm not sentimintal like that, I will never own wedding day potpourri that my future Dog will one day munch on. Plus, isn't it less authentic to throw a mock bouquet? Who ever heard of that till now, count me as one of them. lol.

This weekend is almost started - should be off in a few hours to Toronto to watch the Jays play Boston tonight. Apparently it's a sold out game for once.. and it was so hot today so the dome should be open. The rest of the weekend we're going to try and go to the EX and then visit with some family. Two of my cousins had new babies (one of them is linked in my blog!) and I can't wait to meet them. If we miss the EX this weekend I think there is only one more ..because of course as summer ends, the weekends are full of things to do! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer too :)

Friday, August 15

Boy I love summer!

This is outside my house, right now... you're looking at hail. This is the SECOND time I've seen hail in August and even though there has been thunder and rain everyday for weeks, I still remain mystified.

Ok God, I'll bite, what's bothering you? I'm listening! Uh huh, I see, you say it's been far too long since Lost has been on the air.. and Dexter? Hey I agree with you totally here but I didn't really plan on spending my summer icing my margaritas by catching hail in my glass, you know? It's just one more month.. for Dexter anyways, and it'll be alright again. There's enough Weeds and Mad Men to help you along.


Search of the Week Winner: Google: pizza slice with arms and legs

Thursday, August 14

I've never gone 99% on anything and I think I'm awesome

Update on product try outs: Vega Berry flavour - not great, no. Four O'clock tea Blue Lagoon flavour, not a fan. Cult sounding "Nature's Gate" henna shampoo and conditioner.. so far really shiny :) I made sure not to use any other hair after-product to get a real result.

Wow I can't wait to get a hair cut. Oh and by the way, the sun totally said screw you to my brown hair and now it's some kind of sandy colour.. which I kinda like actually, but in case the cottage pictures made you wonder if I lied about dying it again - I didn't.

So we're taking my Dad to Whole Foods this weekend.. let me tell you right now, he is going to freak out! and it will be awesome. I'm also going to try and ignore the near-high I get from shopping there and just try a few more products to see what I like. I really don't think I'm going to get out of there without the glass bottled milk ... but I'll try. Also I forgot to mention, even though I did not purchase it, that Montfort's Restaurants now sells their Hummus etc. spreads at Whole Foods and it's wicked shit fucking awesome. We just walked by and ate a bunch of it but walked out without any even though Sean also loved it as much as me or more.. because for $8 I have to consider how much/what "spread" means to me. Same thing with those SIGG Swiss water bottles... really awesome, but $30 is looking really adorable in my pocket, hiding, bargaining with me for it's little life.

For that I could buy a year of pro Flickr, which I just did, since my Pro will run out in 2 days. Best purchase by far! So thanks to Rob again who got me onto it.

While I'm in the reviewing mood, I also feel like I absolutely must warn the public on the top 5 worst movies I've seen (almost seen) lately:

  1. The Scorpion King 2. About as terrible as sleeping with your eyes open. Intense stares are so... INTENSE! Ouuu tension!
  2. The Mummy 2. If you ignore every scene that doesn't include the Dragon Emperor plot, then it's a really great movie! If you watch the entire thing boy does it suck.
  3. Vice. I didn't even watch past 15 mins. Micky Rourke makes me want to buy a snake and feed it lab rats that I only name Micky Rorurke.
  4. Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence. I also shut this movie off as fast as possible. I'm unsure if this is Canadian, or an actual Porno - but do not watch this ever. Ever.
  5. WINNER/aka loser.
    The Lost Samaritan.
    I really liked Ian Somerhalder after his role on Lost, so I thought this would be a decent movie just because he's in it and it was made after Lost. Shockingly this makes my top 5 of bad movies of all time.. it's actually comedic in it's utter badness. The mere memory of the dialogue and events make me laugh hysterically but I assure you at the time I watched it I was nowhere near laughter. I wanted to shuck my own eyes out every time someone spoke. Nothing made sense about this plot whatsoever... AND I MEAN WHATSOEVER! The writers should be killed sued for even using the word "Lost" in the title... just in case it made anyone think of the show. He isn't even really LOST in the movie - the only places he visits are all familiar to him! Don't just take my word for it though... seems like at least one person agrees with me.

    Please watch the trailer... I just did and I've laughed so hard I may have peed 2 drops. I'm literally in tears... "funny by accident" is now my favorite emotion of all time.

the lost samaritan

Monday, August 11

A Whole Lot

Hey hey.

I am feeling pretty awesome after this weekend. 8.8.08 we actually celebrated Brooke's "1st anniversary of her 25th birthday" birthday, and that was a whole lot of fun craziness. We were staying at this gigantic house one of her friends, Nancy, was house sitting with all kidnds of funn crazy crap on the walls - went out to party at Zu Bar and let me tell you, that was quite a scene. No Gino face rash this time, and I rather enjoyed the crazy crap on the walls there as well to tell you the truth. We got back to the crazy huge house and Nancy made us a bunch of food, I think it included some really great cheese which I may have eaten all of. Somewhere around then I professed my undying love for all things that taste or smell like butter fried onions and sour cream.

Whatever! haha.

Anyways, if we (the msot being Brooke) didn't feel like honestly dying the next day I would have said the entire thing was fantastic. So just slightly less than fantastic. I spent the next two days biking in the thunder and hail - for fun - in an attempt to sweat the alcohol out of my body as enthusiastically and purposefully as I put it in there in the first place! For anyone in the know, in the area of Oakville was the worst hit by the storm... so it was truly a bike-venture, soaked from head to toe, hail in your eye kinda time. Then again I enjoy anything that makes me appreciate hot showers as much as that did.

We also managed to hop downtown and check out the Whole Foods Market. Didn't really expect to like anything in there, with how jacked up I heard the prices are.. but you know what, whatever that place is incredible. We literally window shopped ourselves into a fever, and decided to sit down and get something to eat before it all got out of control.

They. Have. Everything!!

Logically I know I don't need that much choice but you know, I love it! And it's all organic, non-preservative stuff that I do not mind paying a few extra dollars for, depending on what your food priorities are, you can walk away paying about as much as you do now since they have their own cheaper in-store organic 365 brand and low price locally grown stuff (and there are a lot of farms around here I enjoy buying from - side of the road or otherwise). Ya so we'll definitely be going back. Somehow we escaped with just a bag full of stuff each we wanted to try out. It took all my resolve not to buy the glass bottled milk! So you're welcome to try them out too and tell me what you thought - we bought:

  1. 365 Organics Cosmic Coco Cereal
  2. Soyarie Shefu Tofu bites
  3. Four O'clock Tea Energy: 2 flavours Blue lagoon - Pomegranate
  4. Earth Shake Chocolate Blast drink boxes
  5. Vega Whole Food single snack packs: 2 flavours Chocolate - Berry
  6. Nature's Gate Henna Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Natural Factors - Learning Factors DHA fatty oils blend
    (already use this, but not this brand)

The testing results are: the cereal is GREAT, yummy; Tofu; AWESOME FUCK YA. Pom Tea is GREAT, lots of energy; Earth Shake is alright, apparently tastes like you'd expect; Vega pack is GOOD, tastes like watered down chocolate milk with protien bar ground in. Satisfied full feeling.

Keep you up to date on the rest, I'll let the shampoo work for a week or so before I comment.

Wednesday, August 6

I'm Back.. Bitches?

{photo #1}

That title felt like it needed a 'bitches'.

Cottage week 2008 was great.. curious weather but basically relaxing and got to go kayaking twice. Actually I think kayaking and badminton were my favourite things to do from the whole week of cottage activites. The badminton field was a little muddy in one spot and Sean literally did this herioc dive splits.. and made the shot! SO priceless. Anna slipped once too but she hurt herself so that wasn't really funny... but her racket head flew off once and that was also priceless. Plus the trash talking, can't forget that!

Canoeing would have been up there too if Antonella hadn't wanted to beat Maria's boat so badly that she tipped us getting onto shore and the edge of the boat flipped right on my leg and cut and bruised it. It's ok though since the rest of the week I'd just randomly walk over and go "hey anyone want to see my boat bruise today?"

Little Fact: we always make everything "more intersting" in a game with penelties and prizes for the winners and losers. So you have to see it does really suck when you lose, and it's not like we weren't already competitive. For example my team lost a game of badminton and I ended up having to do 5 mins of back scratches. Then we lost a game of beach volleyball and I had to be bar bitch for Maria and Alisia for one drink. But then we won at bocce ball (represent team mean green) and Antonella and I got to hand out "anything shots"! I don't think there was a penelty for the canoe who got to shore last other than they didn't have to hear about losing from Maria, and obviously Antonella just couldn't take that! Haha.

Getting back to regular life, the extra vacation day was nice to get some stuff done - booked the photographer and got to see my dad, pretty sweet. Still getting over a few bites I have left, loving my tan, and basically wishing I could go kayaking some more. Boourns to the lake being an unreasonable drive away. Cottage pics will be on here this week... and they include fireworks!

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