Thursday, August 14

I've never gone 99% on anything and I think I'm awesome

Update on product try outs: Vega Berry flavour - not great, no. Four O'clock tea Blue Lagoon flavour, not a fan. Cult sounding "Nature's Gate" henna shampoo and conditioner.. so far really shiny :) I made sure not to use any other hair after-product to get a real result.

Wow I can't wait to get a hair cut. Oh and by the way, the sun totally said screw you to my brown hair and now it's some kind of sandy colour.. which I kinda like actually, but in case the cottage pictures made you wonder if I lied about dying it again - I didn't.

So we're taking my Dad to Whole Foods this weekend.. let me tell you right now, he is going to freak out! and it will be awesome. I'm also going to try and ignore the near-high I get from shopping there and just try a few more products to see what I like. I really don't think I'm going to get out of there without the glass bottled milk ... but I'll try. Also I forgot to mention, even though I did not purchase it, that Montfort's Restaurants now sells their Hummus etc. spreads at Whole Foods and it's wicked shit fucking awesome. We just walked by and ate a bunch of it but walked out without any even though Sean also loved it as much as me or more.. because for $8 I have to consider how much/what "spread" means to me. Same thing with those SIGG Swiss water bottles... really awesome, but $30 is looking really adorable in my pocket, hiding, bargaining with me for it's little life.

For that I could buy a year of pro Flickr, which I just did, since my Pro will run out in 2 days. Best purchase by far! So thanks to Rob again who got me onto it.

While I'm in the reviewing mood, I also feel like I absolutely must warn the public on the top 5 worst movies I've seen (almost seen) lately:

  1. The Scorpion King 2. About as terrible as sleeping with your eyes open. Intense stares are so... INTENSE! Ouuu tension!
  2. The Mummy 2. If you ignore every scene that doesn't include the Dragon Emperor plot, then it's a really great movie! If you watch the entire thing boy does it suck.
  3. Vice. I didn't even watch past 15 mins. Micky Rourke makes me want to buy a snake and feed it lab rats that I only name Micky Rorurke.
  4. Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence. I also shut this movie off as fast as possible. I'm unsure if this is Canadian, or an actual Porno - but do not watch this ever. Ever.
  5. WINNER/aka loser.
    The Lost Samaritan.
    I really liked Ian Somerhalder after his role on Lost, so I thought this would be a decent movie just because he's in it and it was made after Lost. Shockingly this makes my top 5 of bad movies of all time.. it's actually comedic in it's utter badness. The mere memory of the dialogue and events make me laugh hysterically but I assure you at the time I watched it I was nowhere near laughter. I wanted to shuck my own eyes out every time someone spoke. Nothing made sense about this plot whatsoever... AND I MEAN WHATSOEVER! The writers should be killed sued for even using the word "Lost" in the title... just in case it made anyone think of the show. He isn't even really LOST in the movie - the only places he visits are all familiar to him! Don't just take my word for it though... seems like at least one person agrees with me.

    Please watch the trailer... I just did and I've laughed so hard I may have peed 2 drops. I'm literally in tears... "funny by accident" is now my favorite emotion of all time.

the lost samaritan


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