Tuesday, August 19

Mahjong too long

When I want to write something, usually I just write one thing..


And that's basically it. Obviously I have to think of more words to explain what I mean and that's where I lose the desire to continue. I have absolutely no point here, just saying it would be super if I didn't have to .. you know.. say stuff.

On that note, my cable box "took a nap" for 2 days so it's been pretty Amish at my house until today. Ironically I got a lot of housework done - ick. If they didn't fix it today I'm sure I would have started trying to make my own candles and soap. Instead, everything is clean and I am now the Mahjong Tile Master. Don't even fuckin' try me, I will tile the hell out of you! I even drink tea when I play! But you know you've played too much Mahjong Titans when you start thinking of the layouts (Dragon, Spider, Cat, Turtle etc) in mythical terms for devising a winning attack strategy. Like if I were playing the Spider layout, I would assume the best strategy to win is the way the ancient Chinese (I can only assume they invented the game and therefore this is how I am supposed to win) would destroy a Spider.. by trying to remove the tiles at the venom fang area, or remove it's legs. As for the Dragon, you'd gut his eyes out and attack the teeth... orrrr so I'd assume if they existed. Yep and that's the point when everyone should stop playing Mahjong.

All the wedding stuff is going good, got a lot done with my ladies on Tuesday, and then we had lunch. I only have to mention ONE slight out of body experience of someone telling me flowers will cost $800 and me not running screaming out of there. So.. so wrong. Sean and I are extremely upset we won't be able to at least donate the flowers afterwards or anything, but on the (faint) plus side I'm apparently the only bride ever who actually is going to be throwing her real bouquet in the crowd. I guess people get another one to throw and one to keep.. but I'm not sentimintal like that, I will never own wedding day potpourri that my future Dog will one day munch on. Plus, isn't it less authentic to throw a mock bouquet? Who ever heard of that till now, count me as one of them. lol.

This weekend is almost started - should be off in a few hours to Toronto to watch the Jays play Boston tonight. Apparently it's a sold out game for once.. and it was so hot today so the dome should be open. The rest of the weekend we're going to try and go to the EX and then visit with some family. Two of my cousins had new babies (one of them is linked in my blog!) and I can't wait to meet them. If we miss the EX this weekend I think there is only one more ..because of course as summer ends, the weekends are full of things to do! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer too :)


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