Tuesday, August 26

Math Problem

I was giving out info on some accommodations to over-night guests to the wedding and it was getting so frustrating I commented it's "like a math problem" !!
X person wants to stay somewhere both close and cheap. At first impression it sounds as if proximity is the priority so I find a page of hotels that list their cost and proximity to the wedding reception. That website alone really should have ended the problem, for me, since it had all the information you'd need. Somehow the closest choice was too expensive so I offer my very first suggestion, a second time, that you just go with the cheapest hotel since the distance is less than 4km away. In the end, they looked up the location (which was on the invitation) and found their own Bed & breakfast close by AND cheaper than either hotel.

Then I get asked.. but do you think I should go with the first one?

I DON'T KNOW?? Is this a math problem, or social engineering? Please, take pity on me, I don't understand the question! lol.

Ironically I ran into the same kind of thing again later on today. I was going through some orders, seeing what I need and what I ordered because the store ladies were really nice.. and then canceling the latter. Of course, it all seemed like a math problem.

man figuring out tax on this thing stinks its either 13 or 14 percent but either of those worked out more than the total here she gave for tax for the confetti the lady charged me 146.10 before tax 18.99 tax doesn't work out to 13 or 14 percent

that would be 13 percent

if you multiply 146.10 by 1.13 its 165.09

yes 18.99 in tax

but her total here is 155.09 obviously she made a mistake

she charged you 8.99 tax instead of 18.99

hmm well that would make my ring pillow that i wanted to take off my order 21.40 instead of 31.40 what to do.. what to do..

it's too confusing cancel the wedding

Luckily I don't consider that a viable solution - LOL! Logically though I suppose it makes the most sense since it would solve deciding on pillows right now.. and that would be fabulous. I've decided I'm going to start saying fabulous a lot more since that is basically all I hear from Toopy and Binoo, and that means little children are going to grow up saying it and I'll stay relivant - or gay - for years longer than normal. Did I mention micro-managing drives me insane? Pretty sure I have at least one or eight times.

My solution for the day.. whoopdity doo who friggin' cares! :)


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