Wednesday, August 27

Pimento Memento

I got my MOO card order back and I have to say, very cute! I dig it. I made a card about how much I dig it. Would you like it? Go ahead and right click save it.. as a memento. MOO cards for everybody!

Ever notice how memento is spelled less like it's derived from the word moment, which is what my brain assumes, and more like pimento? As in I kept this memento from that moment we spent together, stabbing junkies.

Oh goodness, I hope this memento knife doesn't contain AIDS

And as much as I like mementos or pimento's I simply had no idea how much I'd have to think about their spelling since nobody ever uses them. I almost feel bad for words like that, and try to use them more. This is unrelated to my new use of the word fabulous by the way, since a lot of people say fabulous .. probably whilst standing around in some club shaped like a block of cheddar cheese being far more hip than I could ever be. The word fabulous really does not need any help from me.

Anyway back to the subject: I'd definitely recommend MOO cards to anyone in need of business-y fun. You can make all your cards look different if you want, which is great since I know would get bored of the same thing over and over. Maybe if you were a huge business like JetBlue? Sure I guess they can be considered a big company. Ok so if you're someone like that, this probably wouldn't be for you. They do non-business-y fun, too, like post cards and sticker books. Maybe I'll order our gift thank you notes from MOO! And seal them with a photo sticker of the top 20 drunk faces at the wedding. If only someone would encourage me when I come up with these ideas! lol.

On a totally unrelated topic, I've been making things with a lot of zucchini recently since my grandma brought over a bunch of huge ones from my aunt's garden. I'm not a lifelong fan of zucchini actually, I find it bland mushy and gross, but now I'm older I suppose I don't mind it if it's cooked a certain way. That way being A) sliced thin and grilled with olive oil. B) chopped like shoestring fries and stir fried with onions and garlic. or C) cooked that way and then thrown in pasta sauce. My point is, though I cook with it, I can't possibly cook three giant zucchini's worth of it before it goes bad... until my Dad gave me some of those Debbie Meyer green bags.

Unfortunately I feellike I must tell someone that they really do work. My zucchini's are as fresh as when I got them 3 fucking weeks ago. That also includes at one point Sean slicing an entire one up, realizing it wasn't eggplant, and having to put them back in the bag. I dunno, I guess his retina's were damaged from the Kenny Rogers Chicken sign we use as a nightlight in the bathroom. lol. Anyhow, it's a slow, slow pace but now I have the bags I'm sure Obama will be president before these things go bad! Honestly every week I throw out so much shit it's disgusting.. we just don't eat it fast enough. If you click on the Debbie Meyer link there, the Black and White video of the person opening their drawer to all rotten veggies is me... complete with that wahh wahh sound. I don't know where it comes from, but I hear it. Plus lettuce and bananas are basically the things we buy the most, which I'm convinced are the two most rapidly aging foods, and it's basically a race against the clock to eat them. So if you also have this problem just go ahead and buy these bags. According to my Dad he's used them many more times then their recommended 10 uses and it's just as effective. Oh but be careful when you order apparently, my Dad also said he ended up with too many because the website doesn't let you go back and change your order!

Debbie, why you gotta be like that?


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