Monday, August 11

A Whole Lot

Hey hey.

I am feeling pretty awesome after this weekend. 8.8.08 we actually celebrated Brooke's "1st anniversary of her 25th birthday" birthday, and that was a whole lot of fun craziness. We were staying at this gigantic house one of her friends, Nancy, was house sitting with all kidnds of funn crazy crap on the walls - went out to party at Zu Bar and let me tell you, that was quite a scene. No Gino face rash this time, and I rather enjoyed the crazy crap on the walls there as well to tell you the truth. We got back to the crazy huge house and Nancy made us a bunch of food, I think it included some really great cheese which I may have eaten all of. Somewhere around then I professed my undying love for all things that taste or smell like butter fried onions and sour cream.

Whatever! haha.

Anyways, if we (the msot being Brooke) didn't feel like honestly dying the next day I would have said the entire thing was fantastic. So just slightly less than fantastic. I spent the next two days biking in the thunder and hail - for fun - in an attempt to sweat the alcohol out of my body as enthusiastically and purposefully as I put it in there in the first place! For anyone in the know, in the area of Oakville was the worst hit by the storm... so it was truly a bike-venture, soaked from head to toe, hail in your eye kinda time. Then again I enjoy anything that makes me appreciate hot showers as much as that did.

We also managed to hop downtown and check out the Whole Foods Market. Didn't really expect to like anything in there, with how jacked up I heard the prices are.. but you know what, whatever that place is incredible. We literally window shopped ourselves into a fever, and decided to sit down and get something to eat before it all got out of control.

They. Have. Everything!!

Logically I know I don't need that much choice but you know, I love it! And it's all organic, non-preservative stuff that I do not mind paying a few extra dollars for, depending on what your food priorities are, you can walk away paying about as much as you do now since they have their own cheaper in-store organic 365 brand and low price locally grown stuff (and there are a lot of farms around here I enjoy buying from - side of the road or otherwise). Ya so we'll definitely be going back. Somehow we escaped with just a bag full of stuff each we wanted to try out. It took all my resolve not to buy the glass bottled milk! So you're welcome to try them out too and tell me what you thought - we bought:

  1. 365 Organics Cosmic Coco Cereal
  2. Soyarie Shefu Tofu bites
  3. Four O'clock Tea Energy: 2 flavours Blue lagoon - Pomegranate
  4. Earth Shake Chocolate Blast drink boxes
  5. Vega Whole Food single snack packs: 2 flavours Chocolate - Berry
  6. Nature's Gate Henna Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Natural Factors - Learning Factors DHA fatty oils blend
    (already use this, but not this brand)

The testing results are: the cereal is GREAT, yummy; Tofu; AWESOME FUCK YA. Pom Tea is GREAT, lots of energy; Earth Shake is alright, apparently tastes like you'd expect; Vega pack is GOOD, tastes like watered down chocolate milk with protien bar ground in. Satisfied full feeling.

Keep you up to date on the rest, I'll let the shampoo work for a week or so before I comment.
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