Wednesday, September 24

Blue & Yellow

So I took one of those "what should I do" or "are you happy with your job" tests at .. mostly because one of my friends did and I dug their answers. 

People with Blue interests like activities that allow them to be creative. This can be through more traditional visual arts, writing or musical pursuits although not limited to these. The creativity is often expressed in thinking of new ideas or strategies that can have a broad range of applications. Blue interests often like thinking about the future and planning for long term benefits. Hobbies include: performing or listening to music, attending theater, story telling, journaling, decorative arts, painting. Career choice often are: Editor, Journalist, Teacher, Strategic Planner, Consultant, Performing Arts, Marketing, Communications, Research and Development.

People with Yellow strengths are good at managing details and creating sophisticated processes that allow them to get complex work done. Once a game plan has been put in place, it is implemented. Their decisions are based on facts and carefully reasoned. When working with other people, they are fair and democratic and always can be counted on to deliver what they commit to.

Now I'm thinking about all the Strategic Planning and Consulting I could for people getting married.  Actually wait a minute, that would suck! Yeah so I'll stick to blogging and coming up with inventions in my spare time.  Haha.

FYI: if anyone is wondering what happened to my search of the week... it's because the searches are becoming more like resources for anyone looking for under.age.toon.girl.on.girl.  I'm really starting to question my content.


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