Friday, September 26

Comfort able

Hell yes, ladies and gents, I believe it is definitely Autumn.  It has it's warm days, which is good for selfish reasons, but I am now in full on sweater seeking mode.  I know, I know, I have enough... but I cannot be stopped.  The perfect sweater is like the perfect man.. a magical idea that exists only to tease us lol.  Or me, but I am just assuming for arguments sake you're into sweaters as much as I am.  I do know men who are into sweaters and very manly about it, too.  So this is what it would be like if I owned either, or both of these beauties from Anthropologie.

Oh what a wonderful wonderful world it would be!  The sun would set in a pink and orange hue every time I put the sweater on, and I'd magically have a good hour of interruption and worry free time to wander around a tree-lined park, where red and orange leaves are falling and getting caught up in the crisp air.  And even with this air blowing around, my hair would remain perfect, or at the very least only be brushed by attractively.  Oh yes, it would be the best with me and my new perfect sweater!  Nothing could stop us, not time, not potholes, nothing.  We'd go anywhere, meeting such new and interesting people along the way... probably all while sitting on park benches, or grabbing a coffee and reading a book, or even somehow on our routine look-out of some large gaping canyon.  I mean, just look at them!  How could everyday not be perfect while wearing these?

Boy, would it be impossible to make a bad decision or fail at anything while wearing that.  It'd be my own personal perminent hug.  Oh... and I guess I wouldn't mind this shirt, too.  You know, while I'm in the store.

It looks comfortable.

I'll admit though, for the $400 or so dollars the perfect world would cost, someone could buy a lot of heroin.  Just sayin'!  I do like that store though, so while in my perfect universe of beauty and grace I bought these items, in my real universe I actually was there to buy gifts for other people.  I hope they like them.... lucky jerks.


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