Tuesday, September 23

Girls Night Out

You may be able to tell the fun and drunk levels were ridiculous... oh just slightly.  The lingerie party was so much fun, and my gifts were awesomely naughty.  I had a princess crown and sash and my own martini glass with a veil on it... yeah I was Brided out and it was fantastic!  I also had a special shot glass around my neck all night that held 2 shots.. and of what I even remember I had at least 15 shots.  Mix that with some wine and rum and cokes, and take a guess at how my night ended.  Antonella also bought me a shot of Whiskey.  No really, just a guess how it ended.  If your answer includes a sink, a very nice bathroom attendant, a toilet, a sleepy Wes in his car, and a lot of pink stuff.... you're spot on!  Otherwise we had a really fun and 'clean' night at the Dirty Martini though... the only "stripping" we saw was ironically from Maria, who took off one of her tank tops for me to wear out of the bar.  Haha.  What a great cousin I have, willing to take off her clothes.

Tell me how anyone can sell you enough alcohol to poison you, and yet public drunkenness is frowned upon?  Is that any way to treat an apparently good customer ...of alcohol?  I say nay.  Nay!

It has to be a staple of bachelorette culture that you see at least one other Bride while you're out and you give props to each other, and there's at least one guy who offers to marry you instead, in case things don't work out.  Sure, stranger I don't know, you're next in line!  Let me put a little number 2 on your forehead.  lol.  He actually gave me his card and I believe it had a race car on it.  I hope that means he sells cars and not just "likes" cars a whole lot.  Don't laugh, I once went to school with someone who did a book report via showing the class a video of Lamborghini's.  Just, Lambourghini's... driving around... aaaaaand there was no book.  He also wore jogging pants all of the time.  Just saying... if you want your kid to be all weird, put him in jogging pants until he's 14.

I should know, my grandma tried doing that to me.  They were neon peach and said "awesome" down the leg.  Awesome indeed.  Would you like to know what else is also awesome? Never drinking again.  That would be awesome.


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