Thursday, September 4

Public Service - all our food has poo in it, enjoy!

For recalls involving allergens in food and whatnot I get regular updates from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Really great little thing when something like a Listeria outbreak happens. Now I get updates like 4 times a day.. from when they volunteer to recall things, to actually recalling them because someone is sick or dead, and then giving me the product names and where in the area they're sold. Honestly I thought the problem was just packaged meats and prepared sandwiches until today they're recalling CHEESE??

And this is why I started wondering is anything good for you anymore?

You know I bought packaged lettuce at Price Chopper a while ago (aka the last time I ever will buy lettuce there) and when I went to make a salad there were two bugs living in it. Like literally, living it up in lettuceville, eating their cares away and probably leaving bug poop or residue all over it. Suuuuure I'll just wash that off. Ewwwww!! I threw the entire thing in the trash and killed the bugs with hot water for their insolence. It's not the same as Listeria but it still makes me uneasy about the food that's out there to buy. If it were free food I'd agree that hey, it's a gamble! I'm pretty sure all the food in the stores aren't free though.

Ohhh Whole Foods.. you'd never sell me Listeria, would you? I mean, you make your stores out of recycled cars so it certainly doesn't seem like you would, but who knows! I've been let down before....


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