Friday, October 31

Beware: Impenetrable Candy Apple

Oh how I wish I didn't live in a townhouse that literally no children want to climb, even if I do have caramel apples.  Open bowl on the steps for everyone, again!  I wish there were a safe phrase where you can wrap homemade candy with a note saying "seriously I'm not putting razorblades in this" because I would do that.

And yes I chose caramel this time because 1. it's way easier to make and 2. the candy apple fiasco of 2005 where I went a little overboard with the candy coating.

That's about 12 inches of candy on top of those apples - it would take a wolverine to eat them.  But I packaged them nicely with notes saying "not poison apples" .. what more do people want????

Speaking of safe codes for candy.  Here's a list of  Kids Halloween Candy Codes.

To get some more action at my house I'm drawing a freaking Werthers Original chalk code on my driveway myself; it's so freaking cute.  That's right everyone... they should have a code for me, the false candy coder.  Or maybe that's what the ominous BEWARE lollipop code was for? False coders... and the house that gives out aspirin or edible underwear.

Now that I think about it, I don't think that code was a lollipop at all... I think it's actually an impenetrable candy apple!  They must have heard about me.


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