Thursday, October 30

Drink me

I've become slightly preoccupied with all things drink related lately.  It all started the morning of the wedding I made sure we HAD to have mimosas, and the chilly morning after breakfast we had a formal teacup tea party with the fireplace going.  Well, more like I conned everyone into having tea because when we left for the wedding one of my cousins left the screen door open and it was so ridiculously cold I'm sure I could have suggested pouring the tea in everyones pants and they would have agreed with the same enthusiasm.  I don't think I have seen anything funnier than Wes with a teacup asking if there was anything specific he's supposed to be doing with it.  lol.  Yes sing us a song!

Now I find myself only drinking the wine we had at the wedding whenever there's a choice... and really excited to use it in the new italian wine decanter we got as a gift.  So we did that when Brooke came over and I finally got to taste the red, which everyone thought was crazy awesome, because I am a wine spiller like I've mentioned and red wine on a white dress is the subject of probably a lot of night terrors for people.  I don't know who those people are but clearly we need to switch nightmares.  Anyway it was amazing and I'm sure just a momentary drink fascination.. if you start drinking expensive wine all the time I'm sure it'll seem regular eventually.  The decanter is great though, so I still have an excuse for a little while still ;)

I also have been making quite a lot of hot chocolate.  Starbucks actually just came out with some new "signature" hot chocolate flavours and I was excited for that - the ad even suggests its just like your favourite cashmire sweater.. it's like they read my mind!  One of my favourite things in the world is any kind of chocolate with hazelnuts but their hazelnut hot chocolate was actually really disappointing.  I'd even go so far as to call it NOT chocolate instead of hot chocolate.  Ok I would never call it that but it was pretty bad.. way too nutty or something that made it awful. I am planning having a halloween night Pumpkin Spice latte tomorrow, maybe it will help me to forgive them for screwing the hot chocolate right up.

If I have any other exciting beverages tomorrow night at the freaky friday party I will be sure to let you know.. I do know there will be a kitty litter cake so I may need just about anything to wash that image away.  Ohhhh gross.

Happy Halloween everybody!


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