Thursday, October 9

Fall Weddings


It's wedding weekend! 

No not mine, my cousin Christina's.  The food is going to be abundant, and drinks apleanty.  And of course Monday is Thanksgiving so I am a little glad I had some dental work done this week (wait I am?) so I won't eat myself out of my dress.  It's turkey, I can't ..or won't.. make that into some sort of smoothie. Anyway speaking of dresses.  Just so you know I've modeled the entire theme from Russian Brides magazine.  There I'll be in my gold dress with a fur cape, and Sean will be totally saturated in vodka while the groomsmen just won't even have on shirts.  What, disasters are fun.. those people look like they're having a great time, and if you puke on the dress who will know?  Exactly.

I'm sure the wedding this weekend will be great, and very far from anything you'll see in Russian Bride magazine, though it goes without saying that next weekend is really what we're looking forward to.  Although my divorced parents will be there, and nobody on earth can say they envied some of the innovative planning I've had to do, I've let that hold me back on doing this for a very long time.  Just repeat:  I am not my parents, I am not my parents.  Ah, all better.  To Sean and I, the papers saying we're married have honestly never been important, but we're admittedly giddy and nervous as school children to get to share the celebrating with an entire day and night of family festivities. I guess now that it's all done and I am actually sitting and thinking of it, and subsequently writing about it, the mountain of small details you have to make or decide on aren't as significant as that you made them all for each other.  Or more like the big fucking headaches have all been because you care. Love headaches.  Nice Hallmark moment on me! haha.  So yeah this weekend I will be avoiding food and next weekend will be comparable to being the next two people in line for the Superman ride.  Yaaaay!  No barfing!

Otherwise I have nothing to say at the moment other than when you order from Anthropologie, they don't let you know if something is back ordered if you order more than one of them.  Fuuuh Youuuu.  Oh and when your dentist lets you watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels or Family Guy with a lotta swears.. that's pretty damn hell ass cool.  



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