Tuesday, October 14

Green Tea for everything

Dear Product Marketers,

I don't watch your commercials anymore but I've notice that little by little you've turned most of the products I use into food.  For example, with all the shampoo, moisturizer and hand soap I use, my green tea intake is up 700%.  I think that's fine and everything but I have to draw the line somewhere.. and that place is my armpits.  I recently purchased some Dove "Cool Essentials" deoderant without noticing it has both cucumber and green tea in it.  Can I ask you why you think my body is a summer salad?  It's not particularly refreshing at all.  Instead I feel like a fruit smoothie, a glossy Lip Smacker, a new flavour of latte at Starbucks.  There is a reason I choose to put honey in the pantry and not in my hair; I just want it to be clean and not attract bees. That is my motto in life actaully, my only goal on earth, be clean and don't attract bees.  So from now on, you hungry little marketers, if you could keep edible things out of at least my armpits I would be satisfied.

You're friend,


Thanksgiving was turkey-full... I hope everyone also had a bunch of Turkey. I had a small dinner in Hamilton last night which was all the thanks for giving I could do this year.  The wedding was without incident and was a very fun night for us not having to worry about anything.  My grandmother was also hilariously under the infludence and I say good for her.. she is 7 million times less aggrivating after her gin and tonics.  On the other hand I think I stained the floor with all the red wine I spilled.  I know most of it ended up in my mouth but there is nothing subtle about being a wine spiller so it always looks like a lot.

Sunday the guy did some shopping and ended up sort of buying eachother a few pre-wedding gifts.  I bought him a fantastic vacuum.. it sucks great.  All I kept hearing about was how much it sucks!  Haha.  He had so much fun with it all Monday.. like a compulsive kid in a compulsive candy store.  And he bought me my new Autumn sweater.  I am so happy!  Apparently he was going to get me one of the ones I posted from Anthropologie, but I absolutely needed to have this one instead.  It makes those other sweaters look like a pile of puke.  Its grey and cotton-cashmire and fantastic and I smell the sea everytime I put it on.  I need to find a lighthouse and stand by it pensively.. whistfuly.. thinking about important things like, does my cell get reception here?

Probably not.


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