Sunday, October 5

Lookin' good!

I was reading the Bike Snob NYC even though I really am not into bikes, I'm rather social, and I live in Oakville Ontario.  When he's not talking about bikes though the blog is rather funny, and I couldn't help but adore his latest fascination of knuckle tattoos.  I also have a fascination with knuckle tattoos but not really in the way you'd imagine; I am fascinated with thinking about what sort of person would ever do that to themselves.  What 4 letter, two word combo - or 8 letter one word singular - could possibly be that awesome?  Hmm how about 'Awesome' ?  That would be ironic... and lord knows if there's any place for irony it's on my knuckles, being read by small children as I give them candy or goldfishes.  True story:  I am known as the goldfish lady to one little girl because one time I bought goldfish crackers in bulk.  There was a sale.  One time.  Now I am the goldfish lady!

Anyhow I really just adore judging the absolutely bad mistakes people make via tattoos.  Like this lady, she makes me glad that about 98% of the decisions I've ever made have been better than this.

Wow the explanation must be amazing, and, you would have to give it pretty much all of the time.  How great would it be to be known as the fist fuck lady, to everyone, forever.  Oh fudge.  Now I wonder what sort of riff-raff I'm going to get form the search engines.

I've seen some pretty silly things happen to people via tattoos, it totally happens, but many are easily covered up or even cut out.  It's skin, whatever!  However tattooed Knuckles, if you're not livin' the thug life, say "I'd like to need mittens and battery acid if I ever decide this was a silly idea" ... but don't worry, how could it ever be a silly idea?  It's tattoos on knuckles... that basically spells greatness. I mean, proposed that "in eight letters you can express the human condition better than may novels and most Hollywood movies..."

Yes.  Definitely better than a novel.

Of course I have to come up with what my awesome knuckle tattoo would be. You know, if I caught whatever disease Tyra Banks has and lost my damn mind.  I just love reading about this, and according to Squidoo Arts "Creativity and imagination are the key to great knuckle tattoos."  I think Fuck Youu is pretty funny but my knuckle tattoo would have to be more creative than that.  Right away I became deeply disappointed, as I'm sure many knuckle fans are, that My Mother Is Going To Be Pissed is way way too long.. and even Super Pissed for short... because I would so totally get that.  Soop Pssd?  Anyhow I used the virtual knuckle tattoo gun to see what some other possible candidates would look like.

Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

It's a shame that Toopy & Binoo didn't fit, and I also seriously considered Gold Fish / Fish Lady, but that could mean Swedish fish.  And that would be stupid.  Sure I think tattoos are generally bad, but since I have one so technically I can't say that, so it's more like I like my tattoo and nobody else's.  If I got another one I'm sure I would also like that one and nobody else's too... although Sean's tribal piece is pretty neat.  It's a personal style so Knuckle tattoos are a little, uh, 'impulse item' for me.  If tattoos were sold in a store knuckle tats would definitely be right by the candy at the register, along with boob tattoos of flowers or something awesome

Top 5 Knucle tattoos I saw repeatedly:

Book Worm
Mans Ruin
Knit Pearl
Lady Luck

Lookin' good, everyone!


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