Monday, November 10

You know, just Blogsense

The blogs I read are either just for fun, self-ish, editorial-ish or zine-ish... especially anything I talk about here, I hope it's clear that I in no way paint a clear picture of what life is all about - this "blog" is absolutely just all about me.  And I also should mention I don't know why anyone reads it.. it's not even well written! I mentioned the other day that was one of the qualities 100% necessary to my own reading enjoyment.  I'd hate reading this.

I do like reading content that makes me feel like somebody out there is really interested in doing something positive for someone else.  This whole week and some I've been keeping up with my usually recipe-only website material on Pioneer Woman.  Well, other than the black heels chapters.. I really can't help myself but read those while I'm there.  Instead of cooking up some of her stuff for dinner, I got to see and hear all about her husband and two girls visiting the Dominican Republic as part of a child sponsorship blogger project.  I thought that was a great experience for her daughters but it was only after hearing about how much of a difference being sponsored makes... knowing someone cares about you and wants to make sure that you recieve proper care and learning opportunities.  It just sounded like such a positive chance to make sure at the very least one child there will never feel forgotten about, to feel as if they don't matter, even if their actual conditions will not likely make any major change that their spirits inside could improve so much. 

Even though I do not personally associate myself to the church, or Jesus, I don't feel I need to reconcile that with my decision to sponsor a child.  There is nothing wrong with a little faith, no matter where it comes from sometimes.  I like to think I'm always interested in doing positive things someone else, I spend so much of my time around children but this is a little different.  I have yet to really understand that all children aren't as privileged in even the little things. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the 5yr old boy I sponsor, from the Philippines. I can't wait to write to him and get letters back all about the hopefully fun things he'll get to do in the community because of the program. Maybe I'll even blog about it :)

If you'd like to read about Compassion International, click here.


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