Monday, November 24

Born Lippy

Let it known that yes, it is possible, you can have some fun while packing crap into boxes.  I present the following findings of the giant box(es) of Ann-Marie's room that has not been touched since the last time it was moved.  Life as I knew it was made up of:

  • Lots of mardi gras beads
  • Lots of music/photo CDs
  • Raspberry lipgloss from the Body Shop, mostly finished and probably 5-7yrs old.  If you're wondering if I gleefully put some on when I found it... you betcha
  • Diaries about my hard knock life as a white girl.. surprisingly like FIVE of them
  • Cards, Cards, Cards!  Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Kwanza .. so many cards
  • Bike Helmet
  • Power cords to god knows what
  • My Sweet 16 giant signed card from my friends/classmates
  • Andrea's creepy photocopied hand print from grade 8
  • Loose jewelry, belts, purses, shoes and photos
  • University English papers in a Strawberry Shortcake folder

Oddly enough I remember packing that, and my Dad asking if he could help me.  I said I totally had it covered: one box was for LITTLE STUFF and other boxes were for BIGGER STUFF... or something like that.  He thought that meant 'mystery boxes' of teddy bears and shoelaces... and I suppose now I looked into it, he was not far off at all!  I guess I figured if I ever needed any of it that I'd at least have it, and that was a in some kind of controlled mess, not knowing that you never ever do need any of that stuff really.  I enjoyed finding it but I will admit that I did part with much of the loot..  I just couldn't live knowing I was harboring beads.  lol. 

Somehow the old lip gloss though, ya that's a keeper.  I make no sense, hurray!

Tomorrow.. the ceremonious counting of the tank tops.  How many will I find?  I promise to post the unusually embarassing number next time.. whenever that will be!  Also, to keep you on edge, will I have the willpower to donate my Roxy clothes or simply sneak them into the "seasonal" box?  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.


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