Thursday, November 20

The extra in ordinary

Gmail finally gets interesting.... with themes!

Normally I would find this really annoying and look for the "go back to normal" button about as fast as people were joining GRR bring back the old facebook!!! groups.  I'm adventurous though, I gave it a look and wouldn't you know it's pretty cool!  For the record I think new facebook is fantastic because I dispise having to scroll down for 4 minutes through Apps on the page to write a message to anyone.  Why would people voluntarily spam themselves, I have no idea.  Anyhow the new Gmail is much easier on the eyes as well.  I had no idea just how boring it was to look at until yesterday ...and Google did a great job of getting well designed themes.  UNLIKE BLOGGER.  But that's another subject for another day.. a day that will hopefully never come lest my life be so boring I literally have nothing to do except threaten Google to design some new free templates.  Yes so let us never come to that day, shall we?  We'll stick to my opinons about stuff I like and the over abundance of situations I describe I was involved in where you really had to be there.. but I make you suffer through hearing about it anyway.  Like yesterday, this "learn the steps to this dance" for cool kids thing was going on.  I found that superduper cute, because inevitably the kids on the other end are too young to follow and make up new steps.  This was the uninterrupted action/dialogue sequence...

I jump *jump* I jump *jump*! Close eyes, open eyes, close eyes, open eyes. I need money. 
*takes my $20 bill off the desk and runs away laughing*

I happen to have re-injured my neck ..injury and I hurt myself A LOT laughing at that.  God that was fucking adorable.  I even kept laughing as I heard the words "break money" .. perhaps at the situation, or myself, being so injured a 3rd old just stole $20 from me and I couldn't do anything about it!

Also, since it will beThanksgiving for the lower 48 the first weekend we're moved in our new house, which I am thankful for.. here is a list of the top 5 things I am also thankful for.

- Memory foam pillows
- Coffee
- Amy's Organic Medium Chili
- my $20 bill is still intact
- ae Eagle First Edition Fleece Peacoat in Grey being officially on my xmas list!

One thing I am not thankful for? Mental retardation.

Do you even KNOW how much Roots is charging for their new furniture line???? It is  absolutely ludicris!  And I hate using the word ludicris, so you must trust that it absolutely IS ludicris.  $13,000 for a sectional???  Are you out of your damn minds?????!!!!!!


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