Monday, November 3

Freaky Friday

The freaky friday halloween party was pretty packed with booze and costumes. Like Venom, trying on my glasses, and decidedly my favourite is the girl beside him who was a character from a Tim Burton movie.

Countess B and me, a Living Doll.

The ladies I was hanging with being super drunk and awesome. I'd say my costume is less living dolly here and more specifically maybe Barbie's funner sister Tipsy Skipper.

I mentioned my current obsession being anything drink related and I will just say that I did have two interesting drinks that night.  The first was basically the swedish berry shot you can order at bars... and I was told how to make it and of course forgot.  It was exactly it though.  The other drink was blueberry flavoured vodka and soda.  When I say soda I don't mean American soda.. we all had different interpretations when Josh asked for "soda" and mine was Coke, Brooke thought it was Sprite and his mom had no idea so just bought Sprite.  Apparently what he wanted was actual soda, as in tonic water to most of you.  Not a bad drink at all though.

I also had the BEST Mojito last night when we took my dad out for his birthday at the Olive Press.  I will be going back basically for another Mojito.  You know that one item people usually order in every resturant to see how good it is, that is the thing I order, and yes I'm aware it's no longer summer.  It's seasonless as far as I'm concered!

Speaking of food.  Nobody really ate that much of Brooke's kitty litter cake... I don't know why.

It looks pleanty delicious.



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