Tuesday, November 18

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Don't let it ever be said that I don't share, because today you are about to learn the secret to making the perfect Mojito.  After talking to Ryan I realized that some people really appreciate the true art of tending bar, apparently he makes his own sweet water and everything which I will have to insist he make during our Christmas party at the new house.  Me though, I buy the mix!  If I've learned anything about drinking it is only make the drink as complicated as you're able to accomplish after enjoying 5 or so of whatever it is.  That also goes with feeding drinking people .. and why Sean does a pretty hilarious impersonation of me trying to cook everybody eggs.  It's easy and I make good eggs, what can I say.  Contrast that to the night in Toronto Brooke and I went bar hopping and I later tried to duplicate a really great recipe of Ann's Awesome Encheladas.  Except I didn't have the recipe and while Brooke was applying lipstick badly, I was making burriots with refried bean and meat in them and that is all.  It didn't taste good. 

So back to tending bar easily, if anyone has tried Smirnoffs already mixed Mojito I am sorry for you.. that is not what it's supposed to taste like.  After Sean and I came to this realization that something was seriously missing, I thought back to our second trip to the Olive Press.. and my perfectly mixed Mojito.  So what is it?  Fresh Basil, my friends.  Not crushed, just stirred in with a mountain of ice and fresh lime slice.. and possibly a little tonic water or if you're feeling sweet.. a sugar cube/sugar cane juice.

That little discovery .. plus some strawberries and rose wine fuled our Rockband "the too spookies" on it's way to stardom Saturday night.  Thanks to Wes and Brooke's skillz we now have about 4 million points!  I also don't think I will be able to ever listen to Down with the Sickness with a straight face ever again.  With my obsession with us playing things that progress the game, as of last night our band totally has a plane and I'm on Medium guitar now that the game announced we were "too awesome" on Easy.  Being too awesome was fun though ;)


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