Wednesday, November 5


Since Christmas is around the corner (thanks Sears and The Bay for making that super clear!) I decided to get my Dad a regular "useful" gift for his birthday a few days ago so I could save my really good idea for later.  So I went right into Coles/Indigo and got him a big gift card so he can go book shopping since he mentioned he has not bought a book in a long time, which is odd for him.  While I was there I offhandedly picked something up for myself.

I am having fun reading it when I get a chance.  It's exactly the sort of book I like, and if you're wondering what sort of book that is.. it's well written stories.  I don't hate on anything but I sure will put it down fast if it's not well written as well as an honest and cohesive story, whatever it may be.. even if it's technically interesting as hell.  Like the DaVinci Code for instance, I am not really sure if I could read that.  Maybe if I were trapped somewhere. I should also mention for some reason my enjoyment of reading also comes from if I have selected the book myself, or if it was recommended.  I have no idea why!  Don't let that keep you from giving me a recommendation though if you have one, but I am pretty happy with what I am currently reading!

On another note I have done nothing today but drink coffee and clean my house because I had to show it at 3:00pm.  And by that I mean my entire house and pretty much an entire pot of coffee.  All I have to say about that is it sucked and I would not recommend it, and I had to take a shower after that because the coffee made me sweat.  After today I never thought I would be freaking glad the new house does not have 3 bathrooms.  With how lazy I am I cannot have 3 bathrooms.  It's just 3 opportunities to not clean a different bathroom and use another instead.  Yes that's really how the lazy mind works! 2 bathrooms is even pushing it.  It's like having 2 master bedrooms.. tell me you even make the bed in the one you have now.  If you're "other" bedroom were untidy I'm sure you'd just close the door.  Unless you're my grandma, in which case the sight of my 2 bathrooms I never let her use would have KILLED HER.  Literally she would just stop living if she saw it, or even heard about it.  Thank god she has no idea how to use the internet we got her in order to read this right now - aka refuses to use. 

Tonight I am tired as hell, sure, but I'll be drinking wine in my spotless house and I suppose that's alright too.  Spotless that is, if you don't open the linen closet :)


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