Sunday, December 21

6.  I am happy I found a craft to do, even if it's just because I don't want to pay $35.

ya so we should take a trip to michael's one day and have a rose topiary party

LOL you must be bored

we could drink tea and everything!  yes.. i am ...


Brooke said...

You left out the part where you said that by tea you mean wine and then I agreed! HAHAHAHA

Amber said...

a topiary party...

i'm not even sure if i just spelled that right.

but that's ok because only losers use the word topiary in real life.


ann.marie said...

Amber, you just want to come to my topiary party. Jealousssss. And i only know it because of all the wedding planning i did. i almost went with topiary place cards!

Remember, not everyone can be cool like you, Miss curry plus drinking made me sick!!! hahaha.

I say that after Brooke outed our 'tea' having turned into wine... my excuse is I invited Jesus and he always does that at my parties.

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