Friday, December 19

Arctic Hysteria

4.  I'm happy this isn't me.

Winter hasn't even officially started, yet the GTA is being pounded by a blizzard that could leave anywhere from 20 to 25 centimeters of snow on the ground by Friday night.
- CityNews: Let it Snow

I submitted that picture to the 'wanted: storm stories and pictures' section and it's up: if you want to browse through the rest of Snow-mageddon pics up there you'll see mine.   Here's some others I took from the warm safety of the safe warmness of my house.  I don't want to be a dick but I should mention I got a Christmas card and homemade chocolate biscotti's dropped off at my door this morning.  It's kind of a good day for me.

All that haze is in fact snow, just in case you thought there was something wrong with my camera.  Like I said before, it's like a mini ticker-tape parade of icey death.... and now it's angry.  Ironically Sean and I were laughing about this sketch from Rick Mercer just last night.  Who knew! 


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