Thursday, December 11

blogger post #250 - confession

There is totally a difference between Coke and Pepsi.  Just so you know, I was unawares until last night.

Coming from someone who hasn't tasted pop in such a long time.. if it doesn't have rum in it.. maybe is what helps tell the difference but I'll swear to you I was certain before they tasted the same.  Not that I want to give you the impression I ever really was a pop drinker, just like meat eater.  Really I become thirsty so infrequently that when I am I want to have the ability to gulp something down with complete abandon and I'd like to not have to stop because I have to burp the Arabic alphabet or I'm going to die. That's just me though, that's just what I like, when I'm drinking something I prefer: refreshing and unable to clean rusty pennies in a science experiment, in the description on the back of the can.

Last night for some reason we ordered out and the meal came with Pepsi and I had a glass.. it was disgusting but it was clearly different/better from Coke. So there, I said it. 

There will be a confession of this magnitude every 250 posts.  See you all in 2 years.

Edit: to be fair, this site has been around since November 2001 so I guess I'd owe the internet at least 2 more life-shattering confessions.  I'm tempted to make one of them about processed cheese.

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Hello. And Bye.

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