Friday, December 26

Dolla dolla bills

Boxing Day is the universal 'play with your toys' day of the holiday.  My toys were jewellry, extra Rockband guitar, coffee maker and freaking sweet hat, scarf and coat - so I put the last part of those on and we went out for some Boxing Day sale browsing.  Notice how I didn't say shopping, because actual intentional shopping after Christmas is hammer-to-toes intellegent. 

I didn't see anything worthwhile but I had already bought some really necessary things at an unnecessary time during a 50% off sale.  Like, fall and spring clothes on Christmas Eve.  Of course I was in the store for ONE thing, what the hell was I supposed to do except buy 10 times more than that.  My point here.. there totally is one by the way, you're not reading in vain today.. is that when you take a good look at all the shoppers out there and myself included, I think we have a set price point programmed in our DNA somewhere. 

I discovered my price point is: $6.   I wore my six dolla shirt today and it made me invincible to sales.

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Amber said...

that is the most awesome six dollar shirt ever... i kind of want it. in every colour.

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