Monday, December 15

Great outdoors

Our neighbor is building a professional sized hockey rink in his backyard and we've been checking it out as the progress goes on.  Even cooler is at night there happens to be lights shining on it directly so you can skate all night.  How neat!

All that really separates are those bushes so it's kinda hard not to notice.  He can reciprocate the stalking in the summertime I guess since we have a big firepit in the back.. and a huge deck for BBQ s'more making.  Now that I think about it we really should befriend them and enjoy both seasons of backyard enjoyment.

Anyhow, the Christmas Rockband get-together was so fun I ran out and bought redbulls at 2am just to stay up longer.  It didn't work. The highly anticipated (by me) Pots de Creme dessert turned out the way it was supposed to, I think, since it was really good but I had no idea just how CHOCOLATEY it was!  I couldn't even finish it, and that means it's dangerous levels of chocolate because otherwise it would be gone.  I was about to overdose on chocolate.  Actually the only person who did finish it was Rob and he apparently will eat anything. 

Ann - 0
Pots de Creme - 1


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