Sunday, December 7


5 years ago I would have thought you lost your damn mind if you said i'd be so interested in what goes in my kitchen.  Yep... still talking about the kitchen, I don't want to do it though, if that helps any.  I grudgingly must discuss ideas relating to the kitchen.  Proof being that this year, for some ungodly reason and pioneer woman subliminal suggestion, I actually asked for a Le Cruset saucier pan for Christmas.  And in lime green!  If you don't know what those are it's apparently what Jesus uses to cook stew and roasts and stuff.  It makes everything taste freaking amazing/cures aids... even the kind of aids you get before total aids, like pre-aids.  Le Cruset goes into the future via your food and cures the aids before you get it by killing off whoever gave it to you.  It's french so it has no emotions, and no remorse.

Too far?  I do that sometimes.. pretty sure this was one of those times.

I also just decided that I want to eventually replace my sink with one of those deep porcelain farmhouse deals.  After figuring out what those style of sinks are called I finally found the right description for the new house other than cute/lovely/home-y/warm or whatever else came to mind when people asked, which conjured up my own images of a house made of gingerbread, candy hearts and sunshine.  Not just sunshine either, the special kind of sunshine that only shines on sleeping lovers on Christmas morning in Paris... it'd also be powered by my own sense of self-satisfaction.  Anyways, ok allll done with the sarcasm.. I think.  In short, I was pretty unsatisfied with my cute description, I was sure there was a better word and farmhouse is a good word to have come by in my crazy sink search so I was pleased.  Oh I also asked Santa for dish towels for too, by the way.  Why I'm turning Christmas Day into Martha's pantry supply store is beyond me, like really... oh and I have a pantry now and I like it.  There, I'm done. 

I'm enjoying the ramp up to the holidays so far.  I also love that in Burlington they have the balls to say Merry Christmas on their buses.  No Happy Holidays here.. just Merry Freaking Christmas, and if you don't like it, suck it.  It being a candy cane or something cheerful... it's Christmas after all.

It really makes me wonder though, for those who are apparently offended here in Canada in recent years and made a fuss about what they want advertisers, or co-workers to call Christmas.  Let's face it, who else really pushes the holiday in your face but them.  But still I'd love for someone to explain why calling something a Holiday Tree makes them feel better.. and then they go buy one, decorate, take the day off and exchange presents.  I mean, how overly-polite is it that we'd feel uncomfortable about our own holiday just in case we possibly offended someone ever about anything. So I thought it'd be a great idea to make it a requirement for people, like pedophiles, to register on a public database about their 'anti-merry Christmas' demands.  Hold on before you go off about comparing people who don't like Christmas to molesting children... I just can't think of another registry. Haha.  Ok so then when passing their houses everyone could make sure they have no Christmas decorations around, else we steal their tree or whatever.  I haven't figured the 'retribution' part out yet but I'm sure those who do find it ridiculous we have to think before we say Merry Christmas to someone, would think of something could be huge.. I'm just saying!  Right now it's just apparently a Redsox poem blog.  Odd.


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