Saturday, December 20

Let's disagree to not agree

5.  I am happy I don't have to go into a mall again before Christmas.

I will say though I have not had any bad shopping experiences this year other than one incident with a child who walked right into me because he had Santa-Brain.  It's my mom's birthday and first official day of winter tomorrow.  The fam is coming over for coffee so I got her a cake, I already bought her a Christmas present so she gets screwed on gifts before then.  I'm sure having a December 21st birthday she is used to it by now.

It's an awesome cake though.

I'm also hosting Christmas Eve dinner with Sean's and my family together.  The only thing I am not excited about is the fact that, how can I say this... when my grandmother comes over she decorates my house for me because apparently I have no Christmas spirit (aka I don't like giant angels and snow globes).There is something wrong with me, everyone.  I don't enjoy massive Nativity music carousels on my coffee table.. it's like I'm the new Scrooge.  Let's just forget our stockings, tree, wreath, dishtowels, and kitchy "light up" and "musical" Christmas shit she brought over to my house last year which I put out.  I even have a Naughty/Nice door hanger ;)

I enjoy my house the way it is and would just appreciate it if every free space was not thrown up on by the holidays.  Christmas Eve dinner I am just inviting her to bring more, though, and I don't know if I can bare the glittery poinsettia's.  I humor her the best I can but when I picture her putting me in a gold-leaf apron or fake snow-spraying my windows, I sort of want to shoot myself.  She keeps doing this and I'm going to go to her house and start taking Jesus memorabilia off the walls and see what she thinks about that.  Obnoxious?  No.. I just think your house has too much shit in it.

Meeeeeeerry Christmas!


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