Monday, December 22

Lists are great

7.  I am happy I am feeling good after my physio appointment.

I also grabbed coffee, bumped into a cousin of mine on the street - had a freezing chat about strip clubs, ladies who cry in Tim Hortons and getting me a discount at Ikea - and I found my hubby at home when I got back :)  Not a bad day, if you don't count the freezing!  And I don't.  My physio/chiropractor lady was also totally nice and I'm seeing her again Christmas Eve morning.  I wonder if I should bring her a slice of my Mom's awesome birthday cake... being at a gym makes you rethink eating the rest yourself.

Also having to give your physio lady an account of 'things you do for fun' makes you rethink how fun you appear to strangers.  The only activities I came up with revolve around children, and Rockband.   Then I laughed really hard because a profound revelation came over me that that was it.  Being 'full of life' doesn't really count as an activity unfortunately.  I kinda want to start taking classes at something just so I can call her up and add it to my poor little list!

"So I forgot to mention my rock climbing interests.. and I am a Firefighter, part time of course.  Three months out of the year I brew beer in my garage called Awesome-Stein.  Did I mention I'm a Nudist Trainspotter?  I also participate as much as I can in Franco-Prussian War reenactments"

See if Andrea hadn't moved all the way to Calgary I would be already have at least 2 of those on my list.  I blame her for not being here to come up with these ideas.  Fuck you, Calgary.


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