Monday, December 1

On the move

Dear internet .. day 3 in the new house and unsurprisingly just finished getting all of our actual crap here.  Yanno stuff that wasn't primary in importance like the lawn mower,  my bedazzler and fabrige egg collection.  Actually that isn't entirely true, some important stuff WAS left that I could have used day 1.. such as a new box of garbage bags, the toaster and the 'George' grill.
Fact:  I basically only cook two things on the George - Tofu Hotdogs (they fit perfectly in the grill spaces, and it makes it easy to turn them to the uncooked side) and Grilled Cheese.  I wonder who in this house has to have those everyday?  Hmmm.
You know your brain is done with the packing/moving experience when you actually find yourself, day 2, back at the old house to 'finish up' and instead of taking the leftovers out of the cooking pot and frying pan.. rinsing it and putting it away to wash at the new house you: throw the whole shebang in the garbage.  DISHES DONE.  What, oh that pot with pasta in it and the frying pan I hate anyway?  No, my brain said I'm done with dishes earlier and that's final.  We aren't going back to the land of I forgot one.

Our new home on the other hand is so warm and lovely... packing annoyance aside, it's a real treat for us to get be settled before Christmas which makes the slight rush around worth it.  I made sure the first thing we did was put the wreath up on our front door and we should be unpacking our decorations and doing the tree tonight.  As wonderful of a time we had in Oakville, with the Starbucks and great neighbours, I am so happy we get to end off such a special year for us in this home; although I'll have to learn to love Domino's rather than Pizza Depot which is slightly upsetting but do-able.  Sean is lightyears ahed of me on that task, he's enjoying the cheesy bread and fist-sized pepperoni.  I suppose it was rather good I GUESS.  Now if only the house wants to unpack the rest of the dishes.. oh my goodness, it audibly said 'No fucking way' right after I typed that...  unbelievable!  The sass on this place.  Ok well I'm off then.. oh and

Wouldn't it be fantastic if I let you really think this is what the house looks like.


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