Friday, December 12

Pots de Creme...

Our Christmas party is tomorrow night and in preparation I made a pretty sweet dessert!  Yes I really did think ahead on something.. and I like it.


Instead of various fancy glasses, which I don't have, I just used wine glasses which I have a lot of!  Lush, sure... but also you will never see something mismatched in this house.  I'll pretend it's a theme because I also bought quite a lot of wine for the party.  After this you add some whipped cream which makes it looks extra fantastic.. but it's still chilling in the fridge so I took pioneer woman's picture of the pots de creme.  Those are hers, and her recipe is on her site as well.

I can't wait to serve them mostly because I think I have a leg up on PW's (very simple and therefore awesome) recipe, which is: Decadent brand semi sweet chocolate chips!  As in the same ones in the famous Decadent cookies which I am not sure she's ever tasted since it's a Canadian thing.  Fuck yes!  I knew I occasionally loved my country.

Ahem.  I am calling this dessert Decadent Coffee Pots de Creme.... just to be fancy and complicated.  Really what are the holidays if not that, right?


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