Friday, December 19

Questions that no one asked...

This Is Reverb's tattoo'd pastor made a blog asking other people to set up their own 'questions no one asked' .. and you know, I also like telling people things for no reason whatsoever.  It fits well with me, so, here goes!  I thought you might have some extra reading/snowstorm time.

Question:  What is the last movie that made you cry?  If you are one of those people who do that.

Answer:  Funny you should ask, I just today saw a movie that made me cry.  For some reason the past couple years I now tear up at just about anything I see on TV.  I know I have mentioned this anytime I reference Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.. aka. Extreme Tear Factory: Eye Edition.  Clearly I have not come to terms with being a freakish tearer-upper.  A Cottonelle commercial could cause me to get watery eyed if it had the right music.  Anyyyyway.  So I saw Seven Pounds today and fully did not want to cry at all, and thought I saw it coming - especially because of Will Smith.  He is the worst at needing to make you cry; Ali, The Legend of Bagger Vance, I am Legend, Pursuit of Happyness... it's like be feeds on tears.  But it was sad and I cried at the end.

Question:  You have a complex about this crying business, don't you?

Answer: Obviously!  I don't know why my eyes and brain aren't in constant communication.

Question:  Ok so what's the stupidest thing you've actually cried watching?

Answer:  I don't know, maybe Martha Stewart baked a particularly precious batch of cookies.

Question:  What's the thing you remember most about going to see the White House?

Answer:  It's a toss up between being bothered that the fountain in front isn't centered and the homeless black man walking in traffic with a sign that said George Bush raped my dead sister.  Symmetry stands out more than it should I guess.

Question:  Is there anything atypical you've done that very few people can say they have?

Answer:  Of course I have.. it's my question!  The only thing I could say not too many people have done is I got to go in a professional kitchen of a NYC resturant after-hours to cook myself some scrambled eggs.  Not illegally either.

Question:  What car do you want in 2009?

Answer:  Actually a Prius... it'd be hypocritical if I got leather seats, wouldn't it?

Question:  What is the most useful thing you ever learned from a teacher?

Answer:  My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Heffernan, was sitting at her desk during a recess and I went up to her as she poured her boiling hot water into a teacup.  I happen to like glass mugs and I asked her if that was special glass so it wouldn't crack in the heat.  She told me it was.  I said well it's still too hot to drink for a while.. and then she said no, she just puts an ice cube in it so she can drink it right away.

That's it.  It's a good idea.

Question:  What are some random commercials you remember from your childhood, if just to illustrate how powerful marketing is on impressionable minds.

Answer:  For some reason I really recall a particular champagne commercial actually.. at least I think it was champagne.  Hochteller?  I don't even know how to spell it but it had a lady with a top hat and bow tie.  I also remember that fig newton commercial where they unrealiztically snap the cookie in half and it's supposed to make a cool sound.  Do you know how many fig newtons I ruined before I realized that was a sound effect?  And I didn't even eat them.

Last Question:  What's your favourite Disney movie song?

Answer:  "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" from the Jungle Book.


DanThoms said...

Funny, I actually wrote a blog about my unusual crying habits last week. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who certain commercials make teary eyed.

Amber said...

wow, i'm in your blogroll thingamabob, fancy that.

update it though! so i can get all sorts of traffic from all the cool people who read your site, lol.

ya, right. they'll go there and say, "wow, why is ann friends with this chick? she's not funny at all.", brought to you by the fact that blogger sucks.

and i still don't think it's working yet though. boo.

wasn't that an interesting story?

the end.

ps, there's no snow here. nelson-esque ha ha!

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