Wednesday, December 17

Santa and Jesus - basically as real as eachother

2.  I'm happy that the new gym & physiotherapy center is behind my house.

Long standing injuries suck quite a lot of lemons so I'm a little annoyed that I may have one (that will reoccur without going back to the Chiropractor or taking up Yoga or something) ever since our car accident in April.  Don't worry, I was the only one slightly injured... even if the girl who hit us claims she had a heart condition.  Yeah I have a heart condition too when I total my car, 360 an SUV and sideswipe another car.  It's called I'mTotallyFucked-itis. 

But really it could have been so much worse so I'm very happy this is all I have to worry about.. ahem.. now I will continue whining.

Anyways.. this is the 2nd time I've basically paralyzed myself in pain by simply sleeping on the couch or in the case of a few days ago.. a wake-up stretch.  Not even a big one, like.. cats do, with the insane lunging and acrobatics.  Since I'm not 80 years old, am in good shape and actually have somewhat of an athletic upper body I'm going to admit going back to the Chiropractor is a fantastic idea.  After the accident I went all the time and then I felt better and just stopped going... because I am stupid apparently.  Like those people who made penicillin not work anymore.

While I'm in bed, and not doing anything at the moment I suppose I will share one of my favourite Christmas things.. 8 days away, yay!.. and that is my favourite ornament.

My mom gave it to me the Christmas of 1988.  This year is 20 Christmases she's been on my tree :)  Ya, I add.  I convinced some children last year that she comes to life at night and bakes cookies, if you're lucky when you wake up you can still smell some gingerbread.. but only if you really believe in Christmas.

I thought about not continuing that story since I convinced a girl of this who later told ME all about the stuff she found out Jesus can do.  Like kick a soccer ball to the moon.. because Jesus can do anything.  She had such a serious face on, it was adorable.  I didn't want to touch that one with a 10 foot pole...

That's right sweetie, the gingerbread ornament bakes cookies at night and Jesus can make it snow indoors. They're the same see because they're both stories baby.. now let's never talk about this again.

No wonder parents go to Church; they have to ask someone what to tell their kids to cover explanations to other religious stories they told them.  Like how Jesus can do anything, but doesn't for some reason.  You know, he really doesn't want to bring back your dead cat because it's so much happier with God than you.  No that doesn't mean you should be dead too.  He wouldn't like that.  Why?  Because........ let's go to Church and pray about this.

I love that line... pray about it. 

At least Santa is pretty contained.. comes once a year and lives in a place you can never go.  And he just KNOWS if you're bad.  End of story! 


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