Friday, December 5

Sometimes techology confuses me

The kitchen in our new home is pretty cute.. kinda like everything else about the house, with a little island and glass cooktop oven and range on it.  Saves me a ton of counter space which is what I dig, and logically, I know it works but looking at it I had some deeply seeded reservations apparently.  Almost like the Caveman Lawyer.." I'm a caveman and I'm frightened by your strange glass cooking machine"

So today I found myself needing to heat up a soup and I said hell let's give this piece of glass a try.  Wouldn't you know though I stood there astonished when my soup became hot!  It's not exactly new technology but doesn't it just seem like maybe it shouldn't work?

Totally unrelated, because that's just how it goes.. I tried some organic wine last night that Sean brought home called Green Rabbit.  Very very good, but I'm convinced that my organic hangover the next day means it was a lot stronger than regular wine.  Must be the lack of pesticides.  Keeping that in mind I'm definitely picking some up for this weekend, but I'll just fill my glass halfway. 

So excited for my cousins to be coming by for coffee tomorrow to see the new house.. I've been having tons of company since last Friday and it's rather nice.  Also nice is the fact it's so freaking cold out and I totally get to go a pool birthday party tomorrow, for Brooke's nephew Liam who turns the big 2.  Fun and sugary cake will be had by all!  I hope everyone else is having/has a entertaining and holiday shopperific weekend too.

I just said shopperific?  Wow.


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