Wednesday, January 28


The following products/services are DEAD TO ME because some lunatic at Global accidentally ran 5 extra minutes of ads instead of the last 5 mins of Lost... as in cut it right off!

  • Coke-a-cola
  • Global News
  • Maple Leaf dinners
  • Bones, the tv show... like I'd ever watch it anyway
  • McCain Deep and Delicious Singles (truly, the saddest one)

By the way I'm watching TLC's "I didn't know I was pregnant" series here and all I can say is these women must piss off any couple who can't have kids.  Oh shit I thought I had gas, well, I guess we have a baby now.  An hour of this and I've decided I'm submitting a show idea to them that I think will really be popular "I didn't know I had hands"

Calling for snowflake olympics

This snow is insane.  20cm?  Literally there is an ATV running outside and it doesn't look at all out of place.  All we've been talking about this week is the stuff we're going to do "when the weather is nicer" or "in the summertime" like the zoo, swimming, visits to the fire station and even make new friends at the park.   I totally am in love with toddler social behavior, by the way.  It is super important (!) and cute.  I should make little stats cards for meeting potential friends. 
Likes trains, cheese pasta, uses words like cross instead of angry. 
Smells: No. 
Picks Nose: Yes. 
Shares: Yes.

Ugh, get me out of this frozen mess.  My beautiful cozy winter hat is the only thing that makes the cold halfway worthwhile.  How I love it.

Tuesday, January 27

No photos so pardon the pun and picture it

Well Andrea's visit from Calgary might have been short and sweet but the party went on about as early into the AM as they start making breakfast... so definitely memorable but the most important thing is Ann's Awesome Not Too Mexican Enchilada's were a total success.  Even better then I remember them being back when I knew all the f'ing ingredients, if you can believe. 

We got to meet the infamous Simon who was completely nice and seemingly perfect for Andrea, and I got to tell him a bunch of horrifying stories of Andrea and myself back when we were total losers looking for shit to do instead of going out for recess, like writing and performing our own movie skits.  He didn't catch the red-eye back to Calgary that night and never call her again so I'm pretty sure he'll be around for a while.  We also got to meet my friend Brooke's new boyfriend Nick, also really nice guy.. even after hearing his extremely detailed citizens arrest story.  Super nice though.

Later on my buddy Wes' date Alicia conned us all into going to the local stripper bar.  Actually she conned Wes into going and since Brooke, Andrea & Co. left I thought it might be fun to drag my husband and Rob along.. if only to see what was on the menu.  They have stir fry apparently!  And they charge $345 for the $200 bottle of Dom you can order/buy in the store.  I hope the extra $145 gets you something....

Anyway I won't assume to tell you what naked girls and blacklights look like, but I guess Alicia didn't believe me when I told her the experience wouldn't be like am exciting scene from Coyote Ugly.  These highschool drop-outs/single moms are dancing around zombified... and one of them even looked 3 months pregnant, we called her the fat one.  The only highlight was an actually decent brunette girl who belted a male volunteer's bare ass, took his money and rode him all over the stage.  That and the drinks were definitely not watered down.  After closing time we walk back to our house, order pizza (which I don't recall), I requested Beef Jerky from the store (I do recall) and then we played Buzz and Rockband until 5am.  Would have been longer only none of us could see anymore so we went to sleep.

We went out for breakfast the next morning minus Sean who couldn't handle the mojitos and beer I fed him and wasn't able to get out of bed to come with us.  Add in all that free freaky live nude show I took him to watch and I'm pretty sure my name was put on some list for most awesome wife.  lol.  But seriously though I will confess one thing about the night that hasn't happened before, which was the sudden recollection while making coffee in front of Rob and Wes that I had swiped a strippers lip gloss
out of the bathroom and had slept with it all night in my bra.  Note: not used, just stole! all the stupid without the herpes, thank you.  It was empty and I basically knew I was too drunk to remember the colour - which I liked.  Ginger.

Let that serve as a reminder next time I'd like to go on about responsibility, it's not that I'm opposed to the fun bit of bad decisions in life that are left to be had. Clearly.*

*Not to be confused with the kind of responsibility of telling someone you'll stop by before going back to Calgary, and if not definitely stop in on the way to the airport, then text that you're sorry you didn't stop by but you'll call when you land and then update facebook that you're back in Calgary with no phone call.  If I was the type of person who believed even dear friends were accountable then I'd live a pretty upset and worried life. Good thing that isn't a problem.  aka. when I say "I understand" I don't think most people realize I don't mean what you think I mean.

Friday, January 23

Celebrating early

So, I made some headers. I have no idea why I will let you vote on them since I don't think I like any with the current backgrounds I'm using. But here goes.

What my day is like today.

Had a lot of Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee with no sugar. Curse you sugar. Realized I missed the return of Burn Notice.  Cursed USA channel.  Cursed the shitty TV I've glanced at compared to the 2 hour mind-blowing Lost episode on Wednesday. (FYI) Shitty TV includes Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Housewives may have sucked the most this time because it was all about this sorry looking handyman with a hole in his shoe who was always helping people fix their lives and then he died the day he was retiring to go to Hawaii. Tears ensued. Anything that has the audacity to make me cry, SUCKS. No varying degrees of deep abiding or contemplative feelings. Just flat out sucks. 

Made pancakes, again. This time with muy vanilla -only- and apparently it makes the batter do weird things if you let it sit for a couple minutes. Just a heads up I suppose... uh I mean BREAKTHROUGH. I advanced the pancake making field by 10 years at least; people will be talking about me. So stir that shiz and it'll be good to go.

I could now tell you the story of how I learned to make pancakes, which was by watching Polkadot Door, but instead I don't really feel like doing that.

I feel like.. like maybe just saying how unbelievably grateful I am to be at this point in my life. I'll be 27 soon, bitches, but instead of the wait until then, preemptively I am deciding that TODAY January 23rd can be the day I think about the stuff I've accomplished or want to accomplish since the last time I celebrated something. And really, around here we're pretty much always celebrating something.. and I'm happy about that too, now that I think about it. It's a little fun thing that makes life pretty nice. If a lot of fortunate things hadn't happened these 26 darling little years then I just don't know.. but looking at my peers, I could easily be just waiting for everything to start. I can definitely see how it could be a nice feeling for some but not for me. That might be because I can't make plans that way, or invent beginnings or fresh starts when I need them. I mean I could, but I wouldn't believe them. Like starting a test to some feels like 100% potential but I see 100 things that could be wasted if you don't pay attention.

A history teacher of mine once reminded me after I huffed in handing a paper in that "There is nothing you could possibly do at this moment to change the outcome. It is what it is, it's out of your hands and you should be celebrating." I found it really true that the best feeling should be at the point you finish something, no matter what happens. Things occur to me as being over a long string of time, with only one start and one stop, and to me it just feels nice right now to be coasting through some rather nice parts in the middle. For once I really don't want to dream about a bunch of stuff that would be fun to do, but cannot or should not do. Responsibilities of being an adult, while a total bummer, are especially significant for me. I should celebrate them more.

I'll say, on top of that, not everyone can be dependable so I after thinking about it I'm glad that I have become that way over the last few years. I have tried, failed other people and myself, both were upsetting defeats because I knew it's not in my nature to have it (clear head, logical, dependable and go-getting attitude) but merely by lack of it, to want it.  I should say that I'm not implying I was never a dependable person but I mean more than for a month, or a year, a job or a phone call, a project or a promise I made. Dependable as in, the wheels in your head stop turning as to what else is going on. It's a happy moment and I really do hate it when my attention is ever diverted to someone being negative. I'll just be honest there... I do not like Mexi-can'ts.

On being 27... I guess the only thing I want to accomplish is always successfully reminding myself to start things this year with a long shelf life... a good attitude and a deaf ear; and put away some other things on that shelf that are taking up space, pretty as they may be to look at.  Now, you, go out there, smile in relief with me when thing are done ..and don't be a little bitch. Everyone agreed?

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 21


Ok so I was killing time last night coming up with some sort of header for this here journal. I still don't like calling them blogs.. sounds like blobs or whatever puking sound people make. Anyway I didn't like anything I came up with, nach, I never do.. and then remembered some wicked cool picture that would be great for it but sooo 2003 and sooo not on my computer and sooo not about to go look for it.

I didn't end up finding it.

So I tried to cheat the internets and use the wayback machine.. turns out I never posted it but what DID I find? Oh only the infamous lost recipe to Ann's Awesome Enchiladas!  I don't even remember posting it. It was so great, I made it a few times and then (the infamous part) made it while drunk with Brooke and it somehow became just refried beans, a pound of beef, cheese and one horrible morning... aka I forgot the rest of the ingredients lol.  It's basically become a legend in that time as being awesome and lost forever, replaced with the memory of this.

Ann's Totally Not Mexican Awesome Enchilada's 
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 tbls. butter
  • 3-4 tomatoes, peeled and chopped, or two cups stewed
  • 1 cup tomato sauce
  • 1/4 cup chopped green chilies
  • 1 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. oregano
  • 1/2 tsp. basil
  • 12 corn tortillas (4 carb or regular wraps)
  • 2 1/2 cups grated cheese
  • 3/4 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
  • refried beans  
  • 2 turkey breasts (optional)
Sauté onion and garlic in butter. Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, chilies, cumin, salt, oregano, and basil. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer covered for 20 minutes. Remove from heat. Place some beans (turkey option) and cheese on each tortilla. Roll up and place, seam down, in a 9x12x12" baking dish. Blend yogurt/sour cream into remaining sauce and pour over the tortillas. Sprinkle with cheese. Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.  Yum.

Another reason who this totally made my day is because in the process of trying to find the previously mentioned wicked cool pic for my header idea, I remembered that fucking Fotopic deleted my account and therefore deleted 2-3 years worth of pictures! Like my 22nd birthday, Cottage 2004, Little Gay Montreal and New Years 2005 :( Boy was that depressing all over again.. so I'm pretty happy about this enchilada business.  To commemorate this find I think I will make it for Andrea and her Australian Snowboarding Boyfriend from Calgary (I suppose I will just call him Simon) when they come here this Saturday; doubling up on the nostalgia of the encheladas from our HOT dinner at Mexicali Rosas.

I am guessing here that I had decided I looked so out of place in a Mexican restaurant that I needed to become part of the scenery.   

I am now excited for both of those things!  And I haven't even mentioned the season premier of Lost is tonight!  Not too bad for a Wednesday.

Monday, January 19

Candle eating triptych

Candle eating triptych, originally uploaded by anna potatoes.

Even better was that he tried eating it again. Persistence sometimes leads in wax in your mouth... lesson learned.

Aside from the super sickness, this was a fun weekend, and hopeful too.

Thursday, January 15

Fruit: The lesser of like 800 evils

Hi, how are you?  I'm doing good.. eating a bowl of red grapes here.  I really forget how much I enjoy red grapes.  I don't ever buy them because well, my grandmother is imposing and fruit is one of the many things she is passionate about everyone else eating.  In case you're curious, her other passions are: 

1. accusing you of keeping secrets from her
2. ordering you around, usually to find bowls for all this fruit
3. rearranging your kitchen if you ever go out as to 'what makes better sense to her' 
4. telling you that you have mental issues if you let something in the fridge go bad
5. closely monitoring your alcohol intake

6. never letting a moment go by without giving you her 'honest' opinion

You can see why I really shouldn't mind the fruit but inevitably by association, I do.  She brought me these grapes by the way.  Don't tell her I am eating it.

Last night we watched The Wrestler and I have to say that while it was really good and I enjoyed it, I don't know how much credit I can really give to Mickey Rourke as an actor in his comeback role.  The whole thing was so believable because not hard to assume that's what Mickey Rourke's real life is like.  Literally, when he pulled out the VHS tapes and fannie pack full of dollar bills I wanted to go rescue him in real life.  No Mickey, it doesn't have to be this way!  And if that's NOT what kind of roid-full life he really has then give him an Oscar, please.  You fooled me completely.

Also really finding the Air Canada 'little buzzy plane' that went down earlier today to be hilarious news since everytime I stepped on that thing I was completely amazed it didn't fall apart mid-air.  It would be less hilarious news if anyone was killed but obviously not... the 6-8 people on it are probably never flying in a small plane again though.  lol.

Tuesday, January 13

I am not going to wear a coat

Just to clarify from the last post since Brooke called and asked if I really dialed-a-bottle of $200 Dom, no, I did not!  I needed a classy example of what I could order (it was Number 5 on the top 10 popular orders list though, who knew!?) as to distract from all the ghetto in the story. 

Kinda like Drunk History.

Sunday, January 11

Date Night circa 1975 ♥

Tonight has been hands down the most interesting time since that time I killed those... wait... ok moving on. So we head into this fancy restaurant from 1935, decor unchanging since the 70's. The meal was HUGE and really great actually but the ambiance was clearly the best part. Sean kept saying how it reminded him of diners he went to as a kid, as well as myself.. spanning so many decades of course. There is something about virtually stepping into a time machine that really makes you laugh, so we did, all throughout the really huge and delicious dinner on 50 year old plates.... I mean the salad bar even included beets, simulated bacon bits, pickled green bean and kidney bean salad and those humongous peanut shaped things nobody knows what they are! I bet you don't. It lasted right up until the joke about Ghost Busters and my short story about the bowl cut I used to have as a kid and powder blue Ghost Busters sweatshirt; then the theme song ACTUALLY CAME ON THE DINING ROOM RADIO and we both thought we'd quantum leaped somewhere or actually went crazy and thought we heard it.

It's so the best local restaurant ever, the melamine, the wood walls, it;s been decided that we're going back tomorrow morning for breakfast! even though we walked back home thinking we'd die from over-stuffing. It was horrific. I guess it really didn't help that although I couldn't finish half my turkey dinner, I thought I really needed to celebrate 1975 by having some fucking coffee and banana cream pie. Totally unnecessary and lethal levels of full.

We got home, got ready to watch Seven Pounds and I embarked on the great wine adventure by ordering some to be delivered. Apparently its very popular to order a $200 bottle of Dom so I am completely not ghetto, or so I keep telling myself based on the top 10 list. So this is what happened.

Ann: Hi, I'd like to uhh.. place an order?
Dial a Beer Guy: Ok where are you located and give me your phone number.
Ann: Ok. Blah Blah.. stalkers! I am not telling you.
Dial a Beer Guy: One second I am going to see if the guy in your area had left yet.
*muffled noises for 2 minutes*
Dial a Beer Guy: *sigh* I am really sorry about that. He is such a BITCH. Oh! did I say that?
Ann: Yes you totally did, haha.

Later the delivery guy shows up and he is unmistakably Andy Dick with Phil Spector hair.


....and wearing women's jeans! YES, FULL ON LADY JEANS.

That was my night and I would not change an ounce of it's wonderful weirdness.

Friday, January 9

Twilight Review

Yep it was retarded... and I totally watched the whole thing to be sure.  What I did like?  the Dad.  I actually laughed out loud at some point, I think the pepper spray, my own Dad actually did that to me once so I found it especially funny-cute.  My Dad is funny-cute like that.

Note:  Ants really HATE pepper spray.  Tested at night in the park.  Hilarity ensued. 

I am concerned at who these books/movies appeal to... a lady who should be concerned at a dangerous guy who warns her that he's extremely dangerous basically all the time, yet she isn't for some stupid reason (aka she just wants to be), and then that guy totally saves her ass like her daddy but advises her to stop hanging out with him.  Hot right?   I mean I "get" it I guess but at the same time ... really?  The story relies way too much on unexplained feelings just happening for some reason nobody knows or talks about so... suspended belief is one thing... retardedly looking at eachother while drooling is another.  Is it just me?  Is that supposed to be "intense"? 

I have some more questions for you!

I went to the corner store needing some brown sugar in a bad way and saw some really upsetting things on the shelf.  I know what Spam is, I am aware it exists, but what the fuck is Klik and Kam?  Real people eat this?  I want to cry thinking someone puts Klik and Kam on their shopping lists.  Oh we ran out of KAM guys, write that down!  Please don't tell me it's true, but if it is, I imagine it tastes like broken dreams.. am I right?  I desperately need to know.

Thursday, January 8

Oh, God

I don't know what possessed me but I am watching Twilight at the moment.  I didn't think Sean would mind since there is zero chance he'd be into this.  20 minutes in, not having read any of the books which are apparently very popular, and all I can think is if I ever saw any of this going on all I would think is that these people have honestly been mentally damaged.  I think this is supposed to be lustful teen vampire stuff but it might as well be call Sweet Valley Pale: the retard crush and unlikely situations years.

Those books better have been QUITE SOMETHING is all I'm saying.   I'm bewildered at popular opinion sometimes.  I'm giving this another 20 mins to get off the 'short bus' or else I will officially be slightly prejudice if someone talks about this movie one more time in conversation.

Monday, January 5

Make your own luck

3...2...1..., originally uploaded by anna potatoes.

Hope everyone had a great start to 2009! I know I did.

Friday, January 2

I wanna do bad things with you

First 5 things I love about 2009:

  1. Battleship Sushi dinner
  2. NAVY Rum
  3. perfect leather purse
  4. theme song to True Blood "Bad Things by Jace Everett"
  5. bling & blonde

Thursday, January 1


Last night was a crazy tequila fest! One of the best new years ever.

First night of 2009? Alone with my babe watching season one of True Blood.. possible marathon.. and drinking the open bottle white wine Brian took from the table at the end of the night and handed to us because it wasn't champagne so I took it home. Like a gypsy.

Mmm 2009... gypsy wine.
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