Wednesday, January 28


The following products/services are DEAD TO ME because some lunatic at Global accidentally ran 5 extra minutes of ads instead of the last 5 mins of Lost... as in cut it right off!

  • Coke-a-cola
  • Global News
  • Maple Leaf dinners
  • Bones, the tv show... like I'd ever watch it anyway
  • McCain Deep and Delicious Singles (truly, the saddest one)

By the way I'm watching TLC's "I didn't know I was pregnant" series here and all I can say is these women must piss off any couple who can't have kids.  Oh shit I thought I had gas, well, I guess we have a baby now.  An hour of this and I've decided I'm submitting a show idea to them that I think will really be popular "I didn't know I had hands"


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