Wednesday, January 28

Calling for snowflake olympics

This snow is insane.  20cm?  Literally there is an ATV running outside and it doesn't look at all out of place.  All we've been talking about this week is the stuff we're going to do "when the weather is nicer" or "in the summertime" like the zoo, swimming, visits to the fire station and even make new friends at the park.   I totally am in love with toddler social behavior, by the way.  It is super important (!) and cute.  I should make little stats cards for meeting potential friends. 
Likes trains, cheese pasta, uses words like cross instead of angry. 
Smells: No. 
Picks Nose: Yes. 
Shares: Yes.

Ugh, get me out of this frozen mess.  My beautiful cozy winter hat is the only thing that makes the cold halfway worthwhile.  How I love it.


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