Friday, January 23

Celebrating early

So, I made some headers. I have no idea why I will let you vote on them since I don't think I like any with the current backgrounds I'm using. But here goes.

What my day is like today.

Had a lot of Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee with no sugar. Curse you sugar. Realized I missed the return of Burn Notice.  Cursed USA channel.  Cursed the shitty TV I've glanced at compared to the 2 hour mind-blowing Lost episode on Wednesday. (FYI) Shitty TV includes Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Housewives may have sucked the most this time because it was all about this sorry looking handyman with a hole in his shoe who was always helping people fix their lives and then he died the day he was retiring to go to Hawaii. Tears ensued. Anything that has the audacity to make me cry, SUCKS. No varying degrees of deep abiding or contemplative feelings. Just flat out sucks. 

Made pancakes, again. This time with muy vanilla -only- and apparently it makes the batter do weird things if you let it sit for a couple minutes. Just a heads up I suppose... uh I mean BREAKTHROUGH. I advanced the pancake making field by 10 years at least; people will be talking about me. So stir that shiz and it'll be good to go.

I could now tell you the story of how I learned to make pancakes, which was by watching Polkadot Door, but instead I don't really feel like doing that.

I feel like.. like maybe just saying how unbelievably grateful I am to be at this point in my life. I'll be 27 soon, bitches, but instead of the wait until then, preemptively I am deciding that TODAY January 23rd can be the day I think about the stuff I've accomplished or want to accomplish since the last time I celebrated something. And really, around here we're pretty much always celebrating something.. and I'm happy about that too, now that I think about it. It's a little fun thing that makes life pretty nice. If a lot of fortunate things hadn't happened these 26 darling little years then I just don't know.. but looking at my peers, I could easily be just waiting for everything to start. I can definitely see how it could be a nice feeling for some but not for me. That might be because I can't make plans that way, or invent beginnings or fresh starts when I need them. I mean I could, but I wouldn't believe them. Like starting a test to some feels like 100% potential but I see 100 things that could be wasted if you don't pay attention.

A history teacher of mine once reminded me after I huffed in handing a paper in that "There is nothing you could possibly do at this moment to change the outcome. It is what it is, it's out of your hands and you should be celebrating." I found it really true that the best feeling should be at the point you finish something, no matter what happens. Things occur to me as being over a long string of time, with only one start and one stop, and to me it just feels nice right now to be coasting through some rather nice parts in the middle. For once I really don't want to dream about a bunch of stuff that would be fun to do, but cannot or should not do. Responsibilities of being an adult, while a total bummer, are especially significant for me. I should celebrate them more.

I'll say, on top of that, not everyone can be dependable so I after thinking about it I'm glad that I have become that way over the last few years. I have tried, failed other people and myself, both were upsetting defeats because I knew it's not in my nature to have it (clear head, logical, dependable and go-getting attitude) but merely by lack of it, to want it.  I should say that I'm not implying I was never a dependable person but I mean more than for a month, or a year, a job or a phone call, a project or a promise I made. Dependable as in, the wheels in your head stop turning as to what else is going on. It's a happy moment and I really do hate it when my attention is ever diverted to someone being negative. I'll just be honest there... I do not like Mexi-can'ts.

On being 27... I guess the only thing I want to accomplish is always successfully reminding myself to start things this year with a long shelf life... a good attitude and a deaf ear; and put away some other things on that shelf that are taking up space, pretty as they may be to look at.  Now, you, go out there, smile in relief with me when thing are done ..and don't be a little bitch. Everyone agreed?

Enjoy the weekend!

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Benny Blanco from the Oak said...

Agreed! I just put my job on the shelf to go down to Mexico and hang out with my friend here for a while. So far it has been a blast! Gotta go for broke while you're still young I guess...

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