Sunday, January 11

Date Night circa 1975 ♥

Tonight has been hands down the most interesting time since that time I killed those... wait... ok moving on. So we head into this fancy restaurant from 1935, decor unchanging since the 70's. The meal was HUGE and really great actually but the ambiance was clearly the best part. Sean kept saying how it reminded him of diners he went to as a kid, as well as myself.. spanning so many decades of course. There is something about virtually stepping into a time machine that really makes you laugh, so we did, all throughout the really huge and delicious dinner on 50 year old plates.... I mean the salad bar even included beets, simulated bacon bits, pickled green bean and kidney bean salad and those humongous peanut shaped things nobody knows what they are! I bet you don't. It lasted right up until the joke about Ghost Busters and my short story about the bowl cut I used to have as a kid and powder blue Ghost Busters sweatshirt; then the theme song ACTUALLY CAME ON THE DINING ROOM RADIO and we both thought we'd quantum leaped somewhere or actually went crazy and thought we heard it.

It's so the best local restaurant ever, the melamine, the wood walls, it;s been decided that we're going back tomorrow morning for breakfast! even though we walked back home thinking we'd die from over-stuffing. It was horrific. I guess it really didn't help that although I couldn't finish half my turkey dinner, I thought I really needed to celebrate 1975 by having some fucking coffee and banana cream pie. Totally unnecessary and lethal levels of full.

We got home, got ready to watch Seven Pounds and I embarked on the great wine adventure by ordering some to be delivered. Apparently its very popular to order a $200 bottle of Dom so I am completely not ghetto, or so I keep telling myself based on the top 10 list. So this is what happened.

Ann: Hi, I'd like to uhh.. place an order?
Dial a Beer Guy: Ok where are you located and give me your phone number.
Ann: Ok. Blah Blah.. stalkers! I am not telling you.
Dial a Beer Guy: One second I am going to see if the guy in your area had left yet.
*muffled noises for 2 minutes*
Dial a Beer Guy: *sigh* I am really sorry about that. He is such a BITCH. Oh! did I say that?
Ann: Yes you totally did, haha.

Later the delivery guy shows up and he is unmistakably Andy Dick with Phil Spector hair.


....and wearing women's jeans! YES, FULL ON LADY JEANS.

That was my night and I would not change an ounce of it's wonderful weirdness.
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