Thursday, January 15

Fruit: The lesser of like 800 evils

Hi, how are you?  I'm doing good.. eating a bowl of red grapes here.  I really forget how much I enjoy red grapes.  I don't ever buy them because well, my grandmother is imposing and fruit is one of the many things she is passionate about everyone else eating.  In case you're curious, her other passions are: 

1. accusing you of keeping secrets from her
2. ordering you around, usually to find bowls for all this fruit
3. rearranging your kitchen if you ever go out as to 'what makes better sense to her' 
4. telling you that you have mental issues if you let something in the fridge go bad
5. closely monitoring your alcohol intake

6. never letting a moment go by without giving you her 'honest' opinion

You can see why I really shouldn't mind the fruit but inevitably by association, I do.  She brought me these grapes by the way.  Don't tell her I am eating it.

Last night we watched The Wrestler and I have to say that while it was really good and I enjoyed it, I don't know how much credit I can really give to Mickey Rourke as an actor in his comeback role.  The whole thing was so believable because not hard to assume that's what Mickey Rourke's real life is like.  Literally, when he pulled out the VHS tapes and fannie pack full of dollar bills I wanted to go rescue him in real life.  No Mickey, it doesn't have to be this way!  And if that's NOT what kind of roid-full life he really has then give him an Oscar, please.  You fooled me completely.

Also really finding the Air Canada 'little buzzy plane' that went down earlier today to be hilarious news since everytime I stepped on that thing I was completely amazed it didn't fall apart mid-air.  It would be less hilarious news if anyone was killed but obviously not... the 6-8 people on it are probably never flying in a small plane again though.  lol.


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