Friday, January 9

Twilight Review

Yep it was retarded... and I totally watched the whole thing to be sure.  What I did like?  the Dad.  I actually laughed out loud at some point, I think the pepper spray, my own Dad actually did that to me once so I found it especially funny-cute.  My Dad is funny-cute like that.

Note:  Ants really HATE pepper spray.  Tested at night in the park.  Hilarity ensued. 

I am concerned at who these books/movies appeal to... a lady who should be concerned at a dangerous guy who warns her that he's extremely dangerous basically all the time, yet she isn't for some stupid reason (aka she just wants to be), and then that guy totally saves her ass like her daddy but advises her to stop hanging out with him.  Hot right?   I mean I "get" it I guess but at the same time ... really?  The story relies way too much on unexplained feelings just happening for some reason nobody knows or talks about so... suspended belief is one thing... retardedly looking at eachother while drooling is another.  Is it just me?  Is that supposed to be "intense"? 

I have some more questions for you!

I went to the corner store needing some brown sugar in a bad way and saw some really upsetting things on the shelf.  I know what Spam is, I am aware it exists, but what the fuck is Klik and Kam?  Real people eat this?  I want to cry thinking someone puts Klik and Kam on their shopping lists.  Oh we ran out of KAM guys, write that down!  Please don't tell me it's true, but if it is, I imagine it tastes like broken dreams.. am I right?  I desperately need to know.

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