Monday, February 2

25 things about Bees. I mean, Me.

I got all tagged up in some Facebook meme that I'm sure you have also been, I've read a few so here's my participaction!

1. I used to feel really sorry for old classic cars, that one day we'd stop using gas and nobody would drive them anymore. Since that day has not happened soon enough, I've handed in my anthropomorphic sympathies and am demanding an electric car!

2. Amongst jobs that I absolutely will never do, like the obvious cleaning up exploded dogs or crematorium curator, is Claymation animator. I just can't do highly detailed things and concentrate for long periods of time... even plucking eyebrows for too long makes me feel like puking and I have to breathe and take a break or stop.

3. Once I broke my arm looking at my great-grandparents 60th wedding anniversary cake and the only person who drew on it was my mom.

4. I absolutely hate eating after swimming. It feels gross.

6. I just learned what a composite coach is from watching Thomas the Tank Engine.. which I find amusing since I've traveled on trains and didn't know. *It's a coach that is half full of passengers, half full of luggage/cargo.

7. The first song I ever sang in front of an audience was for music class - it was mandatory. I practiced in bus stop shelters on my way to school which are acoustically, pretty great.

8. I don't think the TV should be the focal point of a "living" room.

9. When I am nervous, or full of a bunch of things I don't want to/am too upset to say - I get really cold all over. Sometimes I'll shiver as I'm speaking and if anyone knew was associated to how I felt I may have some embarrassment there. Luckily it's just too weird!

10. I'm not particularly good at anything, or have any talent but that doesn't mean I don't try it anyway.. and do sometimes think the result is pretty great even if it's only average.

11. I don't promote myself. I'm not sure how I ever became VP student council at school or VP marketing in Junior Achievers ..OR.. convinced my teacher to put on a Christmas play I wrote in place of real class time. People must be really dumb to have let me do that stuff.

12. The first concert I ever went to was $30 seats for Barenaked Ladies and I base every concert on how fun it was.

13. I have this vision every time I walk down the stairs that I will fall down them. I also have horrible nightmares that my teeth fall out.

14. I want to drive to Calgary in May, instead of fly, just to take the extra 6 days and see across Canada. I don't have 6 extra days and I think that's balls. Probably why some people live a double life, it's hard to schedule things around just one.

15. I've built a snowman on the top of a mountain in July. It was 30cm high.

16. I used to save movie stubs.

17. I find the idea of a "half floor" in a building to be absolutely amazing. I bet even the mice there are magic.

18. We're 98% sure someone who lives next door to us works at the strip club. I found her ridiculous high heel footprints in the snow going all the way there. It reminded me of a pornographic version of that shoemaker fable where tiny elves come out at night and make shoes. No idea why...

19. Back in the NYC bar days Sean and I would drink so many Vodka & Redbulls that combined our little straws made a bridge that went right over the table.

20. I am not sure when people feel like they've truly been successful. So, I look forward to being just a little successful everyday.

21. Hanging out with my twin cousins always manages to have the effect of brightening my mood right up from -5 to +800. Even since we were kids, and yes even when they fight. lol.

22. On my 22nd birthday I got an outline tattoo of 2 stars. Just seemed like an appropriate fact for number 22. I never planned on filling it in.

23. I've been afraid to write on the first page of anything, so much that one diary I had I ripped out at least 20 pages because it wasn't "right" or my handwriting wasn't nice enough. This is the sad reason why I can never own any beautiful soft Italian leather bound or moleskin journal, which I would LOVE to have.

24. Sometimes I sweat puddle-like amounts. Literally I drip sweat for seemingly no reason, like, I'm just talking on the phone. It's very curious and totally totally gross.

25. I'm usually the person who will end up being the head of the line, or does something first, if only to save someone else the apparent embarrassment of standing out.

Comments welcome, I'm in a reading mood. Unless you're a bunch of chickens who don't want to stand out... if so, wait for someone to do it first and then comment.


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