Sunday, February 1

Awesome takes practice!

I love everything about this book cover, especially the Asian girl who looks like she practices being awesome all the time in the mirror at home.... and gives herself motivational speeches into her cereal each morning.
"Today is going to be GREAT!  Greg, the blonde guy at school, is totally going to notice me.  I will say something really funny, and he'll give me a 'hey, that's cool' hand gesture, then everyone will want to be my friend and read my poems....finally."

Also from the same amazing Author that brought you "If God loves me why can't I get my locker open?" and then later, when Asian girl gets popular from all the practicing of awesome she did.. she has more dilemmas like:

Update on lost 5 mins of Lost: I got to see it later and apparently John Locke explained the whole scene where Richard visits a 5 year old Locke back in time and shows him all those items, then Locke begged to be told how to get off the island but the flash of light came and they went back in time again.. then the annoying british red-head starts bleeding all over the place and collapses so.. she's probably dead.  You know.. NOT REALLY IMPORTANT.


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