Friday, February 13

Bad Case of Worms

Bad Case of Worms, originally uploaded by anna potatoes.

The other night Sean and I were talking about random 'cool' stuff we remembered having as kids. His was a whole Star Wars glassware collection, and I actually remembered some sort of Mickey Mouse glass collection I had. He found the Star Wars collection in question online, however I could not find mine, which just prompted me to search for other random stuff. Like the Bad Case of Worms: two sticky worms in a briefcase.

If the photo of my Dad and I wasn't cropped you'd see I had them tied to my feet for some reason. I'd only use them for that, not flinging. It's 99% possible I thought it would help me climb walls like Spiderman.

This website even has the original commercial! What an interesting use of resources... I swear the internet is like a 80s time machine. All networked, messaged boarded and cataloged. Talk about the real wayback machine right there.


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