Sunday, February 8

But crazy money is a Canadian thing

My grandparents are planning a month-long trip to Australia so I thought I would lend a hand. Upon further inspection (they make you get fucking Visa or -ETA- just to visit apparently.. dick-move) I discovered that this is what their money looks like.

Just what the hell are they trying to pull here? WE have the coloured money thank you very much. Who approved the fucking canary yellow? I'd laugh at someone if they handed me that. On top of all this, like a slap in the face, I read that it's not even paper money but actually PLASTIC. Let me guess, you guys have only one jail, bright red hotels and your mayor looks like this?

Australia makes our proud Canadian heritage of brightly coloured currency seem SILLY!

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Amber said...

oh, their plastic money is awesome! very waterproof.

the UK has coloured money too. the EU as well. we're not unique as we thought, but still better than the americans. so it's ok.

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