Thursday, February 26

Dear B'journal

This will be my 300th "official blogger" journal writing post.  300 days of deciding to get all fancy-ass and make my b'journaling life easier than literally updating in dreamweaver.  Although you must admit, my very original and crazy-go-nuts layouts were spectacular weren't they? (like the few months of just a homemade watermelon background and text.. oh those were some times we had).  The harder it was to see or read, the more I loved it.  If I may compare it to B'dazzling a regular journal, like a jean jacket, and making it ultra pretty, sparkle-blinding and unsafe to wear!

I guarantee you adorable nosy readers that NOBODY'S carefree archiving system was anything like mine (aka there wasn't any) which literally wiped so many moments in textual-history right off the face of the internets.  I mean really, really wiped it off; with such fervor that if the internet were a child (and, isn't it though?) it would have started complaining about the huge red mark it left.  Sad since I am really going to miss that whole Snakes on a Plane photo entry, where I retold the whole movie via stills.  I should have a photo memorial for it, it was a fave.

R.I.P. Snakes joke.

I had my fun, I did, and who knows why!  What I do know however is, by goodness, I think it's safe to say I have a habit after all now don't I?  SHARING.  Aww, look at me, I share.  Yep this is my one constant/consistent .. please don't make me say outlet please.. in this encyclopedia dramatica awesome 'snakes on a plane' kickA life of mine.  And it doesn't have one, not even ONE, point to make; if you try and find one you will not be successful, it just doesn't.  Isn't that great?

I just thought I'd recognize that.  That is all.

Yours Truly,
Princess OTW Ann-Marie


Amber said...

i miss your old layouts. :(

i still remember the first layout you had when i met you: the mac website button rip off of 2002. (i think?)

ann.marie said...

haha it was 2002! i asked my dad how to make buttons like that and his answer, uh, i dunno steal them. man that took a long time.

i believe there was only one layout before that. possibly two. i have to say it was a fave.

foreshadowing out Mac love, right?

Amber said...

exactly! lol. yeah i swear i'm not a crazy stalker, i just remember 2002 because brian found your site the year before we started dating. ;)

ann.marie said...

And now you're getting Maui'd! You should really think about those hawaiian orchids for your bouquet now that I am thinking about it ;)

Anonymous said...

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