Thursday, February 19

Lovely Suit

So Barak Obama was in Canadia-Land.. up near Ottawa of course (insert Beaver Tail joke) but apparently also visited back by my hometown of Hamilton and current town Burlington to visit family.  How fun!  I wish I knew, I would have introduced them to Pizza Depot, Whole Foods, and Russell Williams. 

And can I just say, I don't know who is in charge of dressing Mrs. Obama but putting a 6 foot tall woman in a thick pinstripe suit is just abuse of fashion authority.  I just had to say it!  She looks like part of Al Capone's crew; oh and her gang name would be Ma Legs, in case anyone was wondering.

I'd tell her that in person if I weren't so afriad she'd palm me in the face.  I mean that in the best way, really. I'm Canadian.. any attempt at making a rude comment would probably end up coming out of my mouth as "lovely suit".


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