Wednesday, February 18

Crimson and Clover, Over And Over

I made some chocolate cake tonight, I don't know how good it was because it was very gooey and just out of the oven when we ate it... everything tastes great that way doesn't it? I think so. Even garbage.

Today was long and lazy, and I'm up late listening to the recommended radio station. Stuff like the stuff I already like! ultimately I don't really like the song that's playing (after 45 seconds) so I go back and listen to the station of the things it was supposed to sound like. Like Jimmy.

Bleed American

I washed many a dish with hot water in a hot summer kitchen with NO air-conditioning listening to this and yet still I haven't associated it with anything but fun and awesomeness! How??  Can't find a recent comparison other than my strange love for Estelle's American Boy feat. Kanye West. Anyone? No?  Just me then, ok.

Sean called me out to use Twitter and for whatever reason I'll find myself updating it with a totally sarcastic tone, which is a little funny. As if Twitter was a real character, uh say an annoying little bird always asking me what I'm doing, which should be really professional and important (instead of picking your nose) so I pound on my keyboard:

"OH geeze twit, I don't know.. I'm going through some papers right now! if you're satisfied can you get the f out of here before you poop on something expensive?!"
Because apparently in this scenario I think I'm the Princess of Monaco. I imagine it's before the time of computers and nobody needed to know what I was doing. I might as well be walking around my house in gowns, making cucumber sandwiches, or at the beauty parlor just smoking, like they do on Mad Men.

Sometimes you have to just take time out of your day and smoke, you know? Like me, I haven't smoked but 5 times already this morning, once while actually drinking my orange juice at the same time. It's a neat trick I should show you sometime. Nothing important happens to me unless I'm smoking, though. I should tweet about that.
I should mention that we have a long-standing running joke about the smoking on Mad Men. In fact if I were to keep up my sarcastic persona on twitter I would be the sort of smoker who just holds a cigarette while I think about stuff, through the haze of smoke to make it seem insightful, because the 1950s was a very sarcastic time according to me. Perhaps it was all the idiotic smoking, now that I really think about it! Makes about as much sense as writing sentences into the vast ocean of who the hell reads this? Waaaait a minute.... who the hell is reading this?


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Benjamin said...

You can't just hold a cigarette. It requires the dramatic pause of inhaling and exhaling, paired with the charismatic gesturing. I wish smoking was good for you, because it totally looks cool and everyone knows it.

I'm completely enamored with Mad Men by the way. It really makes me want a big glass of scotch at 4:30.

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